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    Gynecomastia Surgery: Before & After

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    Gynecomastia is a common conditon in males where there is a higher amount of breast tissue than is usual. Gynecomastia surgery, or mammaplasty, is performed to reduce the amount of excess tissue, as well as any excess skin. This surgery helps to acheive a flatter, firmer chest that is more typical for males. In some cases where the patient has a large amount of excess breast tissue they may also choose to have the areolar moved to a more central position, or reduced in size. As you can see this patient achieved a beautiful result with scarring that will fade over time and give him greater confidence!



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    Breastfeeding and pregnancy can lead to breasts that have a deflated, sagging appearance due to loss in volume, even while the patient is still young. While some patients may require a breast lift to fully restore a youthful shape to the breasts, often times breast augmentation can create enough volume in the breasts that a lift is not necessary.

    As can be seen from the below before and after photo, this patient received a fuller, more youthful looking result from her breast augmentation.



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    Many women experience breasts that sag and droop with age, or following weight fluctuation and breastfeeding. A breast lift, or augmentation mastopexy, helps to restore the ratio of breast tissue to skin that creates the most youthful, full, and firm appearance. Areola also tend to become larger and lower on the breast as a result of sagging, both of which can be addressed during a breast lift using either a “lollipop” or “anchor” incision. You can watch Dr McCluskey explain the different types of breast lift incisions here. As you can see in the photos below this patient saw dramatic results from her breast augmentation with Dr McCluskey. The breasts appear fuller, lifted, and younger with the nipples more centralized on the breasts and with a decreased diameter.



    To see Dr McCluskey perform a breast lift click here!

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    A Facelift can help erase years from the neck and jawline by lifting, tightening and smoothing the skin. Weight fluctuation can cause skin in this area to become sag, but there are very few of us who will escape the tell tale signs of aging that come from the loose and sagging skin of the neck and jowls. You can see Dr McCluskey perform a facelift here! As you can see from the patients results below, the Facelift gives a natural, subtle, younger looking silhouette to the face.




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    The Tummy Tuck is one of the most amazing transformations we see at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta. As part of the famed “Mommy Makeover”  the Tummy Tuck combines liposuction, tightening of the abdominal wall, and removal of extra skin leaving a flatter stomach with a smoother, slimmer waistline.



    With aging, and especially following childbirth, the abdominal wall and the skin becomes stretched to a point that exercise and healthy lifestyle can not repair. The Tummy Tuck combined with a healthy lifestyle, is the only way to recreate the youthful look of a pre-pregnancy stomach.

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    Atlanta Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery (Nose Job) Before After PhotosA rhinoplasty revision surgery helps in correcting issues that surface after conducting a primary rhinoplasty surgery. It is also referred to as a secondary or a tertiary rhinoplasty for this reason. Usually, about 5 percent to 12percent  of the individuals come in for a revision surgery after the initial procedure. The surgery is understandably more complicated than other procedures. See Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery (Nose Job) Before and After Photos

    Rhinoplasty revision procedure

    The complexity in performing a revision surgery arises from the fact that it involves surgically correcting the nose, whose anatomy has been previously changed, along with the presence of scar tissue build up, says Dr. Paul McCluskey, a reputed plastic surgeon of Atlanta, GA. Patients usually go up to the same cosmetic surgeon who performed the initial surgery for the revision surgery.

    Prior to the surgery, you must set practical expectations, regarding the results of the procedure. You will have to discuss your medical history, your suitability for the procedure and such with the plastic surgeon. During the initial consultation, ask the surgeon about the diet you should follow before the surgery, for best results. You may have to stop smoking weeks before the surgery. Tell your plastic surgeon about any medications you take, and he may ask you to avoid taking certain medications and health supplements. Also, ask your surgeon about any other concerns you may have regarding the performance, risks and recovery regarding the revision rhinoplasty surgery. You can also ask your surgeon for some before and after photos of similar surgeries performed by him/her.

    The patient is administered anesthesia before the surgery. The surgical technique employed differs based on the patient’s requirement, preferences, and recommendation of the cosmetic surgeon. It involves realigning the nose cartilage, so it achieves the results which could not be accomplished through the primary rhinoplasty.

    In case the patient has more serious complications, then the plastic surgeon makes tiny incision in the skin in the area between nostrils. These incision heal easily, and are not visible. In case the nostrils’ base is wider than desired, it is made narrow, through making incision on either side of the creases where the cheeks and nostrils meet. The surgical scars are then carefully concealed amidst the creases. The nasal structure is rebuilt with the help of grafts from the ear, rib cartilage or septal tissues. This again depends on the nasal part that is being reconstructed through surgery. The surgeon may use plastic splints to support your nasal structure. A dissolvable plastic splint is the best choice, as it will not have to be removed later on.

    Post-surgery recovery

    Following surgery, your face may appear puffy, and you may experience pain in the operated area for a day or two. This is normal and you don’t need to worry about it. The surgeon may prescribe medications to counter the pain. You may also notice swelling and bruising, which may last for about three weeks. In the days following surgery, you may experience slight bleeding in the surgical site. The doctor may advice you to stay away from blowing your nose for a week or two, so as to not disturb the nasal structure. The stitches, splints and dressings are usually removed within a week’s time. You will be asked to refrain from strenuous activities for two or three weeks.

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    Breast lift procedures are typically performed in older women who’s breasts have sagged due to aging and child-bearing as well as patients who have had a dramatic weight loss. The sag is essentially caused by an excess amount of skin in comparison to the amount of breast tissue present and the procedure aims to correct that ratio with out the removal of breast tissue itself. Another effect of breasts sagging is that nipples become low on the breast which is addressed during a lift procedure, moving them back to the desired position. Nipples may also enlarge due to sagging and this can be remedied during the procedure also!



    As you can see above the results of the procedure are youthful, full and lifted breasts that help to define the patients waist and give a younger figure! To learn more about the procedure you can read here and see Dr McCluskey discuss different incision types here.

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    Breast augmentation is still one of the most popular procedures in cosmetic surgery! From lifts to reductions to implants, breasts are the body part that a lot of our patients are interested in talking about, and with good reason! Younger looking and fuller breasts can be a huge source of self esteem, while reduction can cause just as much of a confidence boost while helping with and back pain issues.

    The patient below chose to have breast implants and achieved these beautiful results! Breast augmentation procedures come with a lot of choices to make sure each patient has the most satisfactory results possible. Choices include the type of implant, the position the implant is placed in, the incision used to insert the implant as well as, of course, the size of the implant. With all these options each patient can reach the goal they desire, and our goal is to give you all the information you need to make the best decision for you! You can even watch a video of a breast augmentation procedure here.



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    The mini-lift or mini facelift is my favorite procedure for facial rejuvenation!  

    Through a small, nearly invisible incision that falls in the crease of the ear I can lift the cheek and jowl, providing dramatic & long-lasting improvement of the jaw line, the chin & sub mental region.  Using a small incision beneath the chin I can combine the mini facelift with liposuction of the neck and a neck lift.

    What I love about this procedure is that it can be performed under local anesthesia (with mild sedation) in an office setting, the incisions are small and well-hidden, the results (as you can see below) are beautiful & they stand the test of time, and the downtime & recovery are minimal.



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