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    Breast Lift: Before & After

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    A Breast Lift is a great way to restore volume and fullness to breasts that have become droopy. A Breast Lift, or Augmentation Mastopexy, works by reducing excess skin surrounding the breast tissue lifting the entire breast to a higher level on the chest and creating a more central position of the nipple on the chest. Many women also choose to have their areola size reduced during the procedure, as the areola tends to stretch over time with the saggin breast. You can see Dr McCluskey explains the steps of a Breast Lift in this video. As you can see this patient achieved beautiful results with her Breast Lift at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta!



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    Many women experience breasts that sag and droop with age, or following weight fluctuation and breastfeeding. A breast lift, or augmentation mastopexy, helps to restore the ratio of breast tissue to skin that creates the most youthful, full, and firm appearance. Areola¬†also tend to become larger and lower on the breast as a result of sagging, both of which can be addressed during a breast lift using either a “lollipop” or “anchor” incision. You can watch Dr McCluskey explain the different types of breast lift incisions here. As you can see in the photos below this patient saw dramatic results from her breast augmentation with Dr McCluskey. The breasts appear fuller, lifted, and younger with the nipples more centralized on the breasts and with a decreased diameter.



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