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    Face Lift: Before and After Photos

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    A Facelift can help erase years from the neck and jawline by lifting, tightening and smoothing the skin. Weight fluctuation can cause skin in this area to become sag, but there are very few of us who will escape the tell tale signs of aging that come from the loose and sagging skin of the neck and jowls. You can see Dr McCluskey perform a facelift here! As you can see from the patients results below, the Facelift gives a natural, subtle, younger looking silhouette to the face.




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    At the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta we are lucky to have amazing patients! Here are some kind words from one of them:IMG_1667

    “I had two Rhinoplasty’s done in the past by two different doctors In Florida. Both of which were incorrectly done and the results affected me monetarily and emotionally. After 5 years of being miserable and still unhappy, I heard of Paul by one of his previous patients that I met in a local Atlanta bar. I was amazed at the before and after results on my friend. I then decided to take another chance at it, so in May of 2013 I put my trust in this Doctor and had my 3rd Rhinoplasty. Today I am happy with my results. Finally, I am smiling and feel happier than I have been in a very long time. So that’s my story. I wish he would have been my first Doctor that did my procedure. I would have saved so much money. Regardless, When hiring a Plastic Surgeon, Beware.. In my book, Paul Mccluskey and his staff are the BEST!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! :)”

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    It’s no secret that there are plenty of negative side effects associated with smoking. Along side the obvious health risks that you are taking when you choose to smoke, the signs of your bad habit will be all over your skin too. ‘Smokers face’ is a term that has long been used to describe the older and greying skin that many long term smoker possess thanks to chemicals that starve the skin of oxygen and stop the ‘glow’. Here are some of the ways that smoking damages your skin:


    Both the blood supply and skin cells are damaged by chemicals in cigarette smoke which leads to drier and more wrinkle prone skin. Carbon monoxide strips the oxygen from the blood that is vital in keeping skin supple and healthy, while free radicals cause cell changes that contribute to wrinkles. On top of the chemical causes of wrinkles, the constant sucking action lead to those tell-tale wrinkles around the mouth.


    Nicotine causes vasoconstriction (or narrowing of the veins) which means less blood supply can get to wounds in the healing process. Not only can this be an issue from a surgical standpoint but it also leads to scars that are darker, larger and take longer to heal than they would be in non-smokers.


    Psoriasis is an auto-immune skin condition that effects many people, smokers and non-smokers alike, causing skin redness, irritation and scaly, flaky skin. Even though people who have never touched a cigarette suffer from this condition, those who smoke have a 60% higher chance of developing psoriasis than their non-smoking counterparts.

    Skin Cancer

    Excessive sun light exposure is the dominant factor behind skin cancer cases world wide, but studies show that smoking also increases your risk of developing this type of cancer as well as numerous others such as oral and lung cancer.

    Avoiding smoking is beneficial in many different ways from the superficial to long term health and reduces many risks associated with surgery.

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    We all know that there are many, many reasons to stop smoking: the health complications are extensive and the effect on you appearance alone are hugely significant. Smoking also adds a significantly higher risk of complications when it comes to surgery. As a rule I don’t operate on smokers. I try to work with patients that do smoke to set parameters for their safety or to help them to stop smoking completely (if they are interested). If you are a chronic smoker then during your consultation I will explain the risks of smoking with regard to plastic surgery and I’ll ask you to stop smoking one month prior to surgery and one month afterward.  It might sound like a big challenge, but I’m asking you to cease smoking for a period of one month.


    Even if you follow these instructions to the letter and quit smoking one month before and one month after surgery you are still at risk for many of the complications typical for smokers, naturally it’s always preferable that patients stop smoking completely. One of the many reasons smoking is problematic in regards to surgery is that chemicals found in cigarettes cause blood to clot less easily which can be extremely problematic, . If you are a smoker any issues or questions you may have will be discussed in detail at your consultation so that you can be fully educated and prepared before scheduling surgery.

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    As the saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’ and when it comes to skin care this saying is definitely true. SPF is vital for both preventing skin cancer and slowing the signs of aging. Botox, fillers, and surgical procedures such as face lifts are all well known for their ability to take a few years off our appearance. Smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing any sagging skin, and adding volume to aging faces are all things that can be accomplished in the caring hands of a certified surgeon but will not reverse the damage that UVA and UVB cause to the skin.


    Photo Credit: CNN

    It is important to apply a broad spectrum SPF cream to protect the skin from both types of damaging rays. UVA rays are responsible for the aging effects of the sun, while UVB rays are responsible for the development of skin cancer. While many of us only apply sun screen while we are at the beach or pool, damage can be caused at any time including on cloudy days, or unexpected times like sitting in your car. Many windshields and car windows offer no UVA protection and can lead to the uneven results shown on this truck drivers face (right).

    The areas that show the signs of aging and sun damage are unsurprisingly the ones that we have on display most often. The face, neck, upper chest, hands, as well as the feet are always giving away our age but can all be helped by applying SPF daily. It is important to use a lotion with at least SPF30 and apply it at least 20-30 minutes prior to leaving the house so that it can work effectively. When you are applying make up, sun screen or a primer with SPF should be the last thing you apply to your face before makeup.

    Another key point, just as our mothers always reminded us, is to keep reapplying the sun screen. Using SPF 30 translates to you skin being able to withstand burning 30 times longer than it usually would, but we can never be truly sure how long that time will be.

    UnknownReapplying every 90 minutes-2 hours that you are outdoors will help to ensure your skin is thoroughly protected from any damaging rays.

    Following these simple steps daily as well as maintaining a healthy diet, staying hydrated and having an active lifestyle will all help to preserve beautiful, youthful skin for many more years.

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    Cost involved and the right candidates for facelifts

    Facelift cost AtlantaA surgical procedure which is carried out to provide the face with a much younger look is known as facelift. Technically, facelift is called rhytidectomy. This sort of cosmetic surgery enhances the shape and size of the face by getting rid of the excess facial skin. Certain kinds of facelift procedures also tighten the underlying tissues. To attain the best result, it is frequently combined with other additional procedures which address the eyes, cheeks, forehead and brows. Research shows that facelifts are quite popular among both women and men.

    People who can go for this surgery

    A facelift is a procedure that can only be performed through surgery.  Facelift surgery is an extremely personalized procedure so you should talk to your cosmetic surgeon to understand how it will change your appearance.

    You are a good candidate for a facelift surgery if:

    • You do not have any physical ailment.
    • You do not have the habit of smoking.
    • You have a positive attitude and pragmatic expectations in mind for the improvement of your looks.

    How well does it work?

    Undergoing a face-lift procedure will definitely make you look younger. You will keep on getting older, but a face-lift will ensure that it does not show on your face. For many people, this may lead to an increase in self-confidence and would reduce the anxiousness of getting older. A face-lift can cut back signs of growing old to a large extent. To achieve the best results, you might want to get a face lift done first and then go for the treatment of your skin. The safety and success of your face-lift operation depends a lot on the experience,skills and past successful surgeries of your plastic surgeon.

    Costs of undergoing a facelift

    Cost will always be a factor to consider when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Facelift prices can deviate depending on the location and experience of the surgeon. There are plastic surgeons who offer their patient financing plans, so make sure that you check those in detail. Given below are the various types of costs involved in a typical facelift surgery done by an experienced cosmetic surgeon:

    • Anesthesia fees– It includes the fees of the anesthetics.
    • Hospital and surgical facility cost- This includes the fees of using the hospital premises for the operation.
    • Medical tests– The fees of the various tests conducted before the surgery.
    • Post surgery garments
    • Prescriptions for medication– The medicines that you need to have to recover from the surgery.
    • Surgeon’s fee– It contributes to the major part of the fee and varies from surgeon to surgeon.

    So, you must be careful and make sure about the authenticity and experience of the surgeon before taking the plunge. You will be able to find a lot of qualified surgeons who are specialist in the area of cosmetic surgery in and around Atlanta.

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