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    Breast Reconstruction

    Breast Reconstruction | Atlanta | Marietta | Roswell

    Breast Reconstruction

    If you are undergoing mastectomy (breast removal) because of breast cancer or for any other reason, you may be the ideal candidate for breast reconstruction surgery at the same time the breast is removed. Dr. McCluskey has extensive experience performing breast reconstruction in Atlanta and can make a recommendation on when your procedure should take place during your consultation.

    What to Expect with Breast Reconstruction Surgery

    Breast reconstruction surgery can be completed with and without implants depending on the situation and the patient’s goals. The goal of this procedure is to rebuild the breast mound and restore your feminine contours. In addition to restoring the missing tissue, the surgeon can add the nipple and darker area around the nipples to create a very natural-looking appearance.

    Some of the reasons to undergo a breast reconstruction procedure include:

    • Restoring balance to the figure
    • Making the chest area appear more attractive when wearing certain types of clothing
    • Restore the shape of the breasts
    • Boost self-confidence and self-esteem
    • Eliminate the need to wear an external prosthesis or push-up bra

    The breast reconstruction procedure may leave very small scars but these will fade over time. For many patients, undergoing surgery improves body image and creates a more feminine silhouette.

    Factors that Influence the Decision to Undergo Breast Reconstruction

    Dr. McCluskey will take the time to learn more about your situation and determine whether you are a candidate for an immediate or delayed breast reconstruction procedure. Some of the factors that influence the decision to undergo surgery include:

    • Your overall health
    • The natural size of your breasts
    • Stage of breast cancer
    • Surgery needed for one or both breasts
    • Type of procedure
    • Costs and insurance coverage

    You can expect to receive a comprehensive treatment plan about your procedure and costs during your consultation. We can also discuss insurance options at that time.

    Learn more about breast reconstruction surgery in Atlanta by scheduling your consultation with Dr. McCluskey today!