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    Labiaplasty Repair

    Labiaplasty Repair

    Many women make the very personal decision to undergo labiaplasty at some point in their lives but some make the mistake of working with an unskilled surgeon who leaves them with poor surgical outcomes. If you are suffering from the effects of a botched labiaplasty, get in touch with our staff to schedule a labiaplasty repair evaluation with Dr. Paul McCluskey. Dr. McCluskey will take the time to learn more about your concerns and determine whether you are a good candidate for reconstructive surgery or cosmetic improvements.

    Benefits of Labiaplasty Repair in Atlanta

    Dr. McCluskey performs labiaplasty repair in Atlanta to help women with aesthetic or functional concerns related to the labia after labiaplasty. If the tissues around delicate areas have become deformed or compromised in any way, Dr. McCluskey can perform reconstructive surgery in to fix a botched procedure. Benefits of labiaplasty repair include:

    • Corrects deformities to restore a normal appearance
    • Improves sexual experience
    • Increases self-confidence and self-esteem

    Undergoing a Labiaplasty Repair Procedure

    Since every patient case is unique, recovery and healing times vary significantly from patient to patient. Dr. McCluskey has extensive experience in reconstructive surgery for labiaplasty and can also perform vaginal beautification procedures. The revision or reconstructive procedure can take anywhere from one to five or more hours, depending on the extent of damage and other factors.

    Most women undergoing this procedure return to work within a week of surgery but will be advised to refrain from sexual intercourse and vigorous physical activities for up to 8 weeks after surgery. Dr. McCluskey will provide detailed post-operative instructions before the procedure to ensure a healthy recovery.

    Dr. McCluskey performs labiaplasty repair in Atlanta using the latest techniques. He and his team are here to help female patients enjoy a better quality of life after a botched labia reduction procedure or other negative experiences.

    Schedule your private consultation for labiaplasty repair in Atlanta with Dr. McCluskey today.