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    Mid Facelift

    Mid Facelift

    If you are concerned about the aging process taking its toll on your appearance, consider the benefits of a mid facelift to restore and rejuvenate your look. This procedure targets the upper cheeks, delicate area around the eyes, and nasolabial folds. There are very minimal incisions involved so you can recover from this procedure relatively quickly. This procedure may be combined with a lower eyelid surgery and cheek implants to achieve desired results.

    What to Expect with a Mid Facelift

    Dr. McCluskey will perform the mid-facelift using several techniques and may include cheek implants or a fat transfer procedure to restore volume to the cheek area and create a lifted look. Many people lose the youthful curves of their face with age and can have a difficult time restoring those youthful lines with dermal fillers alone. We can lift up the mid-face area with cheek implants, dermal fillers, fat injections, or a combination of these facial rejuvenation treatment options.

    Key Benefits of a Mid Facelift

    The mid facelift offers numerous benefits to patients who are in their early 40s to late 50s. Candidacy will depend on your overall health, goals, expectations, and skin texture.

    • Reduces puffiness around the eyes
    • Lifts up the cheeks
    • Smooths out smile lines
    • Improves the contours of the cheeks to create more definition
    • Corrects nasolabial folds
    • Can be performed in conjunction with lower eyelid surgery
    • Can take years off the appearance

    The mid facelift delivers long lasting results and can create a beautiful, rejuvenated look with minimal incisions. If you are most concerned about the effects of aging on your upper face, the mid facelift could be the ideal procedure for you. It is a popular alternative to a full facelift for many patients and can transform your look with minimal downtime.

    Learn more about the mid facelift by scheduling your consultation with Dr. McCluskey today.