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    Breast Revision

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    Revision Breast Augmentation | Atlanta | Marietta | Roswell

    Breast RevisionDr. McCluskey specializes in revision breast augmentation for patients who are not satisfied with their results after undergoing breast augmentation at other practices. These patients’ unhappiness may arise from the implant shape, size, or placement or because of a post-surgical complication such as wrinkling, implant displacement, capsular contracture (hardening around the implant) or symmastia (implants drift together). Dr. McCluskey can correct these errors and help patients enjoy the fuller breasts they envisioned before their original surgery.

    Revision Breast Augmentation, also called secondary breast augmentation is more complicated than the initial surgery. Revising the operated breast requires skill and experience on the part of the surgeon in order to reduce scar tissue and improve the final result. Sometimes revision breast augmentation requires more than one stage, or a multi-staged operation & Dr. McCluskey will discuss all possible outcomes with you before surgery.

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