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    Questions To Ask Before You Sign Up For Surgery

    Going through with any cosmetic surgical procedure, whether it’s a simple breast augmentation of a complex tummy tuck, is something that every patient should take seriously. During consultations many patients struggle to remember important questions they might have about the

    I loved reading the article “A Pioneering Force” in this month’s Town & Country (October, 2013) magazine.  The article highlights the career and accomplishments of Dr Kristi Funk of Beverly Hills.  Dr Funk is a breast surgeon who performed a

    As a divorced dad maybe I can offer a little insight on this topic.  I see a lot of patients who are either post-divorce or in the midst of a divorce or some other life-changing event.  I’m going to speak

    Wow, did Maria Kang (@mariakangfitness on Instagram) polarize social media world with three short words!  I have an Instagram account that I’m still figuring out but I’ve had the chance to look through Maria Kang’s photos.  I’ve never met this

    “Oh my God my mom has breast cancer.”  That’s all I remember thinking. I had just started my internship after graduating from medical school when our family received the news.  My mother had undergone a breast biopsy that revealed cancer

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