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    Laser Tattoo Removal

    Spectrum Q-Switched Yag Laser Tattoo Removal

    If you want to remove a tattoo because you no longer like the design or because some of the tattoo ink has started to fade, laser tattoo removal may be an option. We use the Spectrum Q-Switched Yag Laser to help reduce or remove even the most vibrant-colored tattoo ink. The laser we use can treat both darker shades and vibrant colors with its two different wavelengths.

    What Can We Treat?

    • Dark-Colored Tattoo Ink
    • Vibrant-Colored Tattoo Ink
    • Large and Small Tattoos
    • Tattoos on Virtually Any Area of the Body

    How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

    Laser tattoo removal with the Spectrum Q-Switched Yag Laser works by breaking down the pigment in the skin. It targets the ink deep in the epidermis and dermis with just the right wavelength of heat energy. This heat only interacts with tattoo ink particles — the ink absorbs the laser light and breaks up into tiny fragments.

    This is why the Spectrum Q-Switched Yag Laser is so effective. It produces high-intensity photo-acoustic shock waves to break up the ink. The broken particles are then removed through the body’s lymph system.

    Patients typically undergo a series of treatments about 8 weeks apart to reduce the appearance of the tattoo. Over time, the tattoo becomes virtually invisible.

    Schedule a consultation to find out if laser tattoo removal is right for you.