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    Breast Lift: Before & After

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    A Breast Lift is a great way to restore volume and fullness to breasts that have become droopy. A Breast Lift, or Augmentation Mastopexy, works by reducing excess skin surrounding the breast tissue lifting the entire breast to a higher level on the chest and creating a more central position of the nipple on the chest. Many women also choose to have their areola size reduced during the procedure, as the areola tends to stretch over time with the saggin breast. You can see Dr McCluskey explains the steps of a Breast Lift in this video. As you can see this patient achieved beautiful results with her Breast Lift at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta!



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    Many women experience breasts that sag and droop with age, or following weight fluctuation and breastfeeding. A breast lift, or augmentation mastopexy, helps to restore the ratio of breast tissue to skin that creates the most youthful, full, and firm appearance. Areola also tend to become larger and lower on the breast as a result of sagging, both of which can be addressed during a breast lift using either a “lollipop” or “anchor” incision. You can watch Dr McCluskey explain the different types of breast lift incisions here. As you can see in the photos below this patient saw dramatic results from her breast augmentation with Dr McCluskey. The breasts appear fuller, lifted, and younger with the nipples more centralized on the breasts and with a decreased diameter.



    To see Dr McCluskey perform a breast lift click here!

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    Large, sagging breasts can be the cause of serious back and shoulder pain for many women. Aside from the physical aspects, women can also feel lower self esteem and confidence due to the over-sized or drooping breasts. Breast reduction involves reducing the amount of breast tissue and is usually combined with a lift to reduce any excess skin and sagging that is associated with larger breasts. During the procedure the nipples are relocated to a higher more desirable position and the areolar size is reduced if needed. There are different incisions that may be used during a breast lift procedure that are chosen after consultation with the surgeon. You can see Dr McCluskey explains the differences between these incisions here!

    As you can see the results of a breast reduction are a youthful, lifted appearance. The reduction in size and weight provides relief for back pain and also creates a boost in confidence in many of our patients!



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    A breast lift or augmentation mastopexy is a procedure designed to restore volume and fullness in breasts that have sagged with age or childbearing. In breasts that are sagging (or ptotic) the ratio of skin to breast tissue simply need to be corrected to return breasts to a more youthful shape. This commonly involves relocating the nipple to a higher more central position and often decreasing the size of the areola. There are different incisions that can be used to perform this procedure which Dr McCluskey discusses in detail in a video here! The incisions do result in scarring but with proper after care, and when performed by a skilled surgeon the scars fade well and reduce in visibility.


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    We’ve told you a lot about breast lifts (or augmentation mastopexy) and even talked you through the procedure and possible incisions. But some times the simplest way is best, so here is a step-by-step guide to breast lifts complete with photos (warning: graphic photos from an actual breast lift procedure are shown, not for the faint of heart).


    Step One: Marking the Patient

    As you can see below, before the procedure begins Dr McCluskey measures lines on the breast showing which excess skin should be removed and where the new nipple placement will be.


    The nipple is moved to a higher position to correct what is called ptosis (the kinder, gentler word for drooping or sagging) which occurs with age and can be worsened by weight loss, breastfeeding, or multiple pregnancies.

    Step Two: Making an Incision Around the Nipple

    This incision is also commonly used to reduce the size of the nipple which tend to grow larger as they are stretched by the sagging breast


    Then an incision around the excess skin that will be removed.


    Step Three: Excess Skin Removed

    In drooping or ptotic breasts there is essentially too much skin for the amount of breast tissue present so extra skin is removed to correct this ratio. In a breast lift the skin is removed but the breast tissue is preserved to give the patient plenty of volume afterward.  (Don’t worry this is as bad as the pictures get!)


    Step Four: Remaining Skin is Closed Around the Newly Positioned Nipple

    Here we can begin to see the newly lifted breast beginning to take shape!


    Dr McCluskey carefully sutures the skin together to give the best final result possible.  You will notice that the skin is gathered in places, especially in the area of the breast fold.  This gathering is necessary to minimize the incisions and as the skin heals these small wrinkles will smooth out and the only visible scar will be a small, fine line.


    Step Five: Recovery

    Now that the patients breasts have been lifted and excess skin has been removed the next, and equally important step, is recovery. By following Dr McCluskey’s recovery instructions the patient will see the best possible results in her more youthful breasts!

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    Breast lifts (or Augmentation-Mastopexy) are common among women who have lost the youthful shape of their breasts for a number of reasons. This could be due to weight change, breastfeeding and childbearing, or simply the natural aging process and gravity taking their toll. Through a breast lift, Dr McCluskey can both lift and increase the firmness of the breasts. A breast lift alone can not increase the fullness of the breasts or significantly change their size. If you are interested in breast reduction, or breast augmentation along with a breast lift, Dr McCluskey will work with you to create the results that you desire!

    “There are entire textbooks written about breast lifts.  I have in fact contributed chapters to some of these textbooks.  A mastopexy procedure, or breast lift, is the best option for rejuvenating sagging, droopy, or deflated breasts.  The plastic s


    urgeon word for sagging is ptosis (the ‘p’ is silent) so when a plastic surgeon tells you that you have a slightly ptotic breast, it’s a gentle way of saying you have a droopy or saggy breast.  Why are there so many textbooks written about breast lift techniques?  Like many procedures in plastic surgery, a breast lift can be performed using many different techniques.

    When I discuss breast lift with a patient I take a number of measurements and I demonstrate for the patient how I will lift the nipple to a natural position (at the level of the breast fold, and in the center of the breast).  Almost every patient with
    In a breast lift consultation, I always draw out the typical improvements that can be expected and I diagram the incision patterns on the drawing.  The incisions are effectively named a circle, a lollipop, and an anchor.  The circle describes an incision around the nipple, or a periareolar breast lift.  This is the most basic form of breast lift and can really only achieve a few centimeters of lift.  But in many patients a periareolar mastopexy not only provides adequate lift but allows for the creation of a smaller (less wide) areola in patients with larger areolae.whom I discuss breast lifting with is concerned about the incision scars.  It’s a valid concern as there will be some scars after a breast lift, but it’s a tradeoff.  A thin scar that will fade over the next few months is a fair exchange for a more youthful, well-shaped breast with more fullness in the upper chest.

    The lollipop style of incision characterizes the most common style of breast lift that I perform.  This is a vertical breast lift whereby the nipple is lifted and the skin and breast tissue beneath the nipple is tightened and lifted.  Patients are often afraid of this vertical scar on the breast but (and I say this with complete honesty) this vertical incision typically heals beautifully and is often nearly invisible 2-3 weeks after surgery.

    In patients with larger or wider breasts I often use the anchor style incision by removing excess breast tissue along the underside of the breast, in the inframammary fold.  Regardless of the lift technique or the incision pattern, a breast lift offers a wonderful change to patients with mild to severe ptosis.  A breast lift is similar to a reduction in that the incisions used are often the same, but a breast reduction involves removing a large volume of breast tissue and re-shaping the breast.” – Dr. Paul McCluskey

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