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    Breast Augmentation: Before & After Photos

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    The beautiful results of a Breast Augmentation at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta! This patient chose 420cc saline implants to achieve this amazing look!




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    Breast Augmentation is the safest and most effective way to add volume to breasts following breastfeeding, weight loss, or the effects of aging. This patient received these beautiful results with out a Breast Lift, using saline Breast Implants. In cases with more severe sagging, a Breast Lift may be combined with a Breast Augmentation to achieve the best outcome. As you can see below the result is a fuller, more lifted and more youthful appearance of the chest, and a very happy patient!




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    Breast Implant Exchange surgery is a procedure where the patient elects to change their Breast Implants either for personal reasons or because they have had the implants for the maximum number of years recommended by the manufacturer. The most common reason Breast Augmentation patients seek a revision surgery is to increase the size of their implants. This patient also chose to change the type of implant to a shaped silicone implant. As you can see the result of her Breast Implant Exchange Surgery was a beautiful, natural looking and fuller chest. The shaped implants allowed for a more natural slope and more projection at the top of the breast.




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    Breast Augmentation is a popular procedure in Atlanta and all around the world. Breast augmentation allows patients to achieve fullness and projection while offering patients a variety of options to help ensure their unique goals are reached. From implant type, to implant size, where the implant is placed and even where the incision is made, each breast augmentation is tailored perfectly to suit the patient. This patient achieved her breast augmentation goals with Dr McCluskey using 350cc saline implants that were overfilled to 375cc placed below the muscle. This ‘overfilling’ helps to create projection and reduce the chance or rippling of the implant. As you can see the result of this implant choice was a beautiful, natural-looking, fuller bust.Breast augmentation 375
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    Breastfeeding and pregnancy can lead to breasts that have a deflated, sagging appearance due to loss in volume, even while the patient is still young. While some patients may require a breast lift to fully restore a youthful shape to the breasts, often times breast augmentation can create enough volume in the breasts that a lift is not necessary.

    As can be seen from the below before and after photo, this patient received a fuller, more youthful looking result from her breast augmentation.



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    This patient had lost volume in her breasts due to aging and pregnancy. Although this would usually be thought of as a case suited to a breast lift, due to there being a low amount of sag in this patients breast we were able to achieve the results she desired with a simple breast augmentation. Breast implants added volume and shape restoring a youthful and lifted appearance to the breasts with near invisible scarring and quick recovery with limited down time for this mom on the go!



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    Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos AtlantaBreast augmentation is a fairly customizable procedure with choices available for breast implants and the placement of incisions and positioning of implants. A fantastic and judicious cosmetic surgeon will educate the patient about various options before finalizing a treatment plan for breast implant surgery.

    Dr. Paul McCluskey is an experienced plastic surgeon who makes use of breast augmentation before and after photographs to help his patients make the right choices. Patients in Atlanta, GA and surrounding communities have an opportunity to receive state of the treatments at his practice.

    What are Breast Implant Before and After Images?

    Before and after images in case of breast augmentation surgery refer to a pair or group of pictures belonging to an earlier patient who has received the same procedure successfully. The pictures include images taken prior to the surgery and after the surgery at a time when bruising and swelling have resolved and the full effects can be seen clearly.

    The cosmetic surgeon will take these pictures in a discreet way with the consent of the patient, and with the sole intent to educate new patients about various aspects of breast implant surgery. The pictures serve as a visual tool to explain the potential effectiveness of the procedure to the patient.

    Making the Right Choice of Implants

    In breast augmentation surgery, the final outcome can often be impacted by the choice that a patient makes initially about the type of breast implants. Breast implants are available saline and silicone types, and the shape of the implants can be round or teardrop shaped. Sizes of implants can range from 120cc to 960cc. Even the projection of implants, which refers to their distance from the chest wall, can be different.

    Choosing the most appropriate combination can be difficult for a patient. This is where the plastic surgeon can use breast augmentation before and after photos to help the patient make the right choice according to their aesthetic needs. Dr. McCluskey uses these pictures for his patients in Atlanta, GA during the initial consultation for breast implants.

    Keeping Pragmatic Expectations

    When a new patient decides to visit the surgeon’s office for a breast implant consultation, she may only have a vague idea of how this procedure may enhance the size of her breasts. Some patients may have a completely different picture in mind about how they will appear after the surgery.

    This can lead to misplaced expectations, which can cause disappointment in the end for the patient, even if the procedure is performed exactly as per the treatment plan. Such undesirable situations can be avoided when the surgeon makes use of breast augmentation before and after images. This will ensure the patient keeps pragmatic expectations and achieves the best satisfaction from the procedure.

    Including Pictures on the Website

    Plastic surgeons may choose to provide a set of breast augmentation before and after photos on their practice website. This can help new patients access the pictures in the comfort and privacy of their home or office even before they are ready to visit the surgeon for an initial consultation.

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