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    Browlift | Forehead Lift

    The eyebrow lift is designed to improve drooping eyebrows.  This condition may be one of the first signs of aging.  Most people do not even realize that the eyebrow can contribute to the aged look.  They simply note that their eyes seem smaller or more deeply set, or that they appear tired or look angry all the time.  People often think the problem has more to do with droopy eyelids than the brow.

    The eyebrow lift can gently lift the brow to a position that is more pleasing and relieves some age related concerns. The deep furrows between the eyebrows can be lessened as well by disrupting the small muscles which contribute to wrinkling above and between the eyebrows.

    Patients who are considering a browlift (also called a forehead lift) have often had prior treatments with Botox to elevate the brow and reduce forehead wrinkling.  Dr. McCluskey frequently uses Botox for this purpose in his patients but the effects of Botox do dissipate after 8-16 weeks.  In many of these patients, a browlift would have a much longer lasting effect, essentially erasing the signs of aging in the brow and forehead.

    Performed alone, the eyebrow lift does not remove the upper eyelid skin or fat, “crow’s feet”, wrinkles, or alter the lower eyelid or cheek.  Other procedures such as eyelid surgery, mid-face lifting, facelift, chemical peeling, laser skin resurfacing, or injection of facial fillers are sometimes combined with eyebrow surgery or planned at a different time.

    The incision can be hidden behind the hairline, placed in front of the hairline, or performed endoscopically.  The technique depends on the particular anatomy and condition of the patient.

    If a “behind the hairline” or “in front of the hairline” technique is used, the excess skin is removed.  With the endoscopic technique, skin is usually not removed.  Sometimes the procedure of choice may be the direct brow lift in which the incisions are made at the top edge of the eyebrows or in a forehead crease.

    In some patients the brows can be supported through a procedure performed entirely through the upper eyelid incision (transblepharoplasty brow lift) when done in combination with upper eyelid surgery.

    In some cases a combination of the above forehead-brow approaches are used.  Deep sutures are sometimes used to support heavy brow/forehead tissues.  Any of these procedures can be done alone or in combination with a facelift and/or other surgery.  The procedure is usually performed at the outpatient surgical center under twilight sedation supplemented with local anesthesia.

    Dr McCluskey performs all types of browlifts but prefers the hairline and coronal (behind the hairline) approaches because they have longer lasting results.  Within a few weeks most of the visible signs of the eyebrow lift procedure will have disappeared.