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    Exercise After A Tummy Tuck

    Flat tummy, beautifully tapered waist, tight abdominal muscles – these are results that patients enjoy after a tummy tuck.  In one operation the excess fat and skin are removed, the 6-pack muscles are tightened, and the love handles (muffin-tops) are sucked away via liposuction.  Once they heal, tummy tuck patients are eager to show off their new figures & buy new form-fitting clothes.  They’re also very inspired to start exercising to maintain these dramatic results.


    What do I tell post-tummy tuck patients about exercise?  I want them walking the evening of surgery.  I don’t want them just lying in bed and I want family members to help them but also to make them walk.  As their body heals and the discomfort improves I want them increasing their activity and within 2-3 weeks after surgery I have no problem with brisk walks, or elliptical machine type exercise (low-impact!).  Within 4-6 weeks the tummy tuck patient may resume her typical workout or exercise activities.

    The most common exercise-related questions I get relate to situps or crunches.  When should patients resume situps after a tummy tuck?  Do patients need to do situps after a tummy tuck?  Can abdominal exercises hurt or “mess up” a tummy tuck?

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    Here’s my answer:  The patient will see a dramatic difference in her tummy before & after surgery.  The entire torso is flatter & more trim after abdominoplasty.  In the first few weeks after surgery there is not a need to resume situps or crunches after tummy tuck.  Patients may resume these exercises many weeks after surgery without any adverse effects.  After a few months performing abdominal exercise will help support and even improve the tummy tuck results.

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