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    MyEllevate Facial Rejuvenation

    MyEllevate Facial Rejuvenation

    The Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta is proud to introduce MyEllevate, a minimally invasive facial and neck rejuvenation procedure. The MyEllevate technology has been designed to help plastic surgeons deliver advanced, surgical level results in a simple, in-office procedure. It is based on the unique, patented light-guided system called ICLED to produce dramatic facial enhancement outcomes. 

    Highly Exclusive Treatment in Atlanta

    Dr. Paul McCluskey is proud to be one of the first plastic surgeons in the country to bring this safe and advanced technology to his patients in Atlanta. In fact, there are only two trained MyEllevate doctors in Georgia at present. At our practice, you have an exclusive opportunity to receive this transformative new treatment that approximates, elevates, and supports the underlying glands and muscles to restore facial youth.

    Before and After

    How does MyEllevate Work?

    MyEllevate uses a unique light guided suturing system to provide deep tissue support to the underlying weak muscle and gland structures in the jawline and neck. The suture support is created without involving any cuts or incisions, and creates a subtle lift in the sagging areas for near-instant results. 

    The loose neck muscles and glands below the chin can be successfully rejuvenated with minimal tissue trauma. You can achieve a smooth and refined jawline and get rid of the obvious aging signs in the lower face, neck, and under the chin. The procedure can be easily performed in-office using only local anesthesia. 

    Procedure Highlights

    • Minimally invasive procedure to elevate the neck and refine the jawline
    • Performed in-office in less than one hour 
    • No risk of general anesthesia, requires, only a local anesthetic
    • Rapid healing with minimal swelling and bruising 
    • Very little downtime 
    • Immediately visible results 
    • Subtle and natural-looking skin rejuvenation 
    • Long-lasting results that may even last a lifetime 
    • Can be combined with other surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedures 

    Before and After

    Superior to a Traditional Thread Lift

    Unlike a traditional thread lift procedure, the results with MyEllevate are long lasting and may even be permanent. The unique suture material used in this procedure is more advanced that the PDO or absorbable threads used in a thread lift. Using the lighted suture rod called ICLED, we will place the MyEllevate support slight slightly deeper and right above the neck muscle. 

    The precise placement of the suture support is neither too deep nor too close to the skin surface. The permanence and non-absorbability of the suture material makes the results last longer. Your entire jawline area will become more defined, creating a youthful neck and facial appearance. 

    Celebrated by Eminent Beauty Publications

    The leading Elle Magazine has named MyEllevate as the “buzziest procedure” in its December, 2020 edition. The procedure was also recently featured in the Hollywood Beauty Magazine as one of the top give minimally invasive facial rejuvenation solutions. The magazine recommended MyEllevate as one of the best treatment options for people who are bothered by the appearance of loose skin on the neck, sagging jawline, and double chin. 

    MyEllevate is now being widely celebrated in the mainstream as well as online media as a technique to restore a youthful and attractive look without having to go under the knife. To learn more about how MyEllevate can help meet your personal aesthetic goals, call us at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta today!