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    Facial Implants

    Facial Implants

    For patients seeking a longer lasting way to restore or add contour to their facial appearance, facial implant surgery may be an excellent option. Facial implant surgery uses implants created from uniquely formulated, biocompatible materials to enhance the symmetry, balance, and proportions of the face, and to create aesthetically pleasing facial contours.  Facial implants can be utilized for reconstructive, augmentative, or rejuvenative goals, and are available in a broad range of styles, sizes, and materials for the jaw, nose, chin, and cheek regions. The goal is to create balance and proportion. Facial implant procedures may be performed alone, or in conjunction with other facial contouring procedures such as nose (rhinoplasty) or ear surgery (otoplasty).

    The three primary types of facial implants are:

    • Chin implants: augment the size and projection of a weak or recessed chin that does not project in balanced proportion with the forehead and mid-facial region
    • Jaw implants: enlarge the width of the lower third of the face, and create a more well-defined or “stronger” jawline
    • Cheek implants: enhance and restore volume in recessed or flat cheeks, and increase the projection of the cheekbones

    Facial implant surgeries are highly detailed procedures requiring an in-depth knowledge of facial structure and proportions, and should only be performed by a competent and skillful plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Paul McCluskey, M.D., of the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta. Dr. McCluskey is well-versed in the field of facial cosmetic surgery, and takes pride in helping his patients enhance their facial symmetry and balance with facial implant surgery at his state of the art facility in Atlanta, Georgia.


    Facial implant surgery is typically performed on an outpatient basis using general anesthesia, and takes approximately 1-2 hours. All facial implant procedures (chin, jaw, and cheek) use similar procedural patterns and techniques. Dr. McCluskey will begin the surgery by making a small incision close to where the implant will be placed (generally inside the mouth or in a facial crease), and will then create a pocket within the facial tissue, insert the implant, and secure it into place. After closing the incision, Dr. McCluskey will apply bandages or tape to prevent any shifting of the implant in response to facial swelling the first few days of recovery. Stitches placed inside the mouth will dissolve in 1-2 weeks, and external stitches will be removed within 5-10 days. Most facial implant patients are able to resume working and other normal activities approximately one week after surgery.

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    The most important choice you will make when considering cosmetic surgery is the selection of your plastic surgeon.  It is critically important to select a highly-skilled plastic surgeon who utilizes state of the art equipment and facilities, and has a compassionate and competent support team. The Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta’s focus on patient education guarantees that every patient will receive the undivided attention of Dr. Paul McCluskey, M.D., and will have a thorough understanding of their facial implant procedure and how best to prepare for a swift and successful recovery.

    The Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta has an excellent reputation for providing patients with a discreet and professional treatment environment, and for helping patients achieve the best possible results from their cosmetic enhancement procedures. If you would like additional information about facial implant surgery at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you, and to scheduling your initial consultation with Dr. McCluskey.