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    Arm Lift

    Arm Lift

    With the inundation of media photos and attention on the incredibly sculpted arms of celebrities such as Michelle Obama, Jennifer Aniston, and Madonna, it is not surprising that upper arm lift surgeries (brachioplasty) have surged in popularity over the past 12 years, increasing from only 300 procedures in 2000, to 15,000 procedures in 2012.  For many Americans, media attention on the appearance of the upper arm region has highlighted the problematic aesthetic issue of sagging skin in this region, which occurs as part of the natural aging process, as we lose elasticity and collagen in the deep layers of our skin, and the innermost layers of muscle, fat and bone begin to deteriorate, causing an overall loss of firmness.

    Although exercise can help to augment the overall strength and muscular tone of the arms, it cannot correct the problem of sagging skin resulting from a loss of elasticity, nor can it ameliorate the issue of fat pockets in the upper arm region. Fortunately, brachioplasty procedures are designed to address and correct problems of sagging skin and fat deposits, and to provide an overall enhancement in the contour and shape of the upper arm region.

    In addition to the natural forces of genetics, gravity and aging, the problem of excess skin in the upper arm region can be exacerbated by significant weight loss (whether through normal diet and exercise, or bariatric weight loss surgery), and many patients who have lost a substantial amount of weight elect to undergo brachioplasty surgery to correct this aesthetically undesirable issue. Arm lift surgery necessitates a high level of accuracy and expertise, and should be performed by a skillful and experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Paul McCluskey, M.D. Dr. McCluskey is a compassionate and well-respected surgeon, who has helped many patients sculpt and tighten their arms with brachioplasty procedures at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta’s state of the art facility, located in the beautiful city of Atlanta, Georgia.


    Brachioplasty can be performed as a full upper arm lift or a mini arm lift, depending on the degree of sagging that patients wish to correct.  The full upper arm lift is best suited for patients with a significant amount of excess skin, and entails an incision running from the armpit along the underside of the arm to the elbow. The mini arm lift incision is a similar to that of the full arm lift, but on a reduced scale, and is appropriate for patients with a moderate amount of excess skin to be excised. After assessing your aesthetic goals and your degree of skin sagging, Dr. McCluskey will recommend the optimal brachioplasty technique for your specific needs.

    Brachioplasty is performed as an outpatient surgery, and typically lasts 1-3 hours, after which you will be released to a friend or family member and will continue your recovery from the comfort of your home. Some degree of post-brachioplasty swelling and bruising is to be expected, and will subside within 1-2 weeks (pain medication will be provided to lessen your discomfort during this time). You will notice visible improvements to the appearance of your upper arm region immediately after your surgery, and these results will continue to progress over the course of the next few weeks, as your incision site heals and swelling decreases.


    The most important choice you will make when considering cosmetic surgery is the selection of your plastic surgeon.  It is critically important to select a highly-skilled plastic surgeon who utilizes state of the art equipment and facilities, and has a compassionate and competent support team. The Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta’s focus on patient education guarantees that every patient will receive the undivided attention of Dr. Paul McCluskey, M.D., and will have a thorough understanding of their brachioplasty procedure and how best to prepare for a swift and successful recovery.

    The Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta has an excellent reputation for providing patients with a discreet and professional treatment environment, and for helping patients achieve the best possible results from their cosmetic enhancement procedures. If you would like additional information about arm lift surgery at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you, and to scheduling your initial consultation with Dr. McCluskey.