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    Breast Implant Placement

    Did you know that you have a choice in breast implant placement?

    Breast implants can either be placed or above the pectoralis muscle and beneath the breast tissue, known as sub glandular placement shown on the left of the picture below, or beneath the pectoralis muscle, sub muscularly, as shown on the right.  The benefits and risks of implant placement above or below the muscle have been studied extensively by comparing hundreds of thousands of breast augmentation cases and the findings overwhelmingly support submuscular placement of breast implants.

    Implant PlacementPlacing breast implants beneath the muscle, in a pocket created between the chest wall and the pectoralis muscle carries many advantages and reduces risks of complications.  It’s difficult to rank these advantages in order of importance but submusclar placement has the following pro’s:  1. reduces the risk of capsular contracture, 2. allows for mammograms to be performed and read (ie doesn’t interfere with early detection of breast cancer or other problems), 3. theoretically patients can still breast feed if they choose to do so, and 4. submuscular implant placement has a more natural appearance and contour in the upper chest.

    Dr McCluskey will individually assess each patient to decide which implant placement is most suited to each patient’s needs and aesthetic.

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