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Enlarged Turbinates

Rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery can help to correct a condition called enlarged turbinates. Turbinates are long and thin bones that protrude out from the sides of the septum inside the nasal cavity. Turbinates appear as curled, small knobs on the ends.

Rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery can correct a deviated septum and restore proper nasal function. Once the surgeon has determined the nature and extent of the septum deviation, they can create an individualized surgical plan to rectify it. Judicious plastic surgeon Dr.

Nose reshaping cosmetic surgery or rhinoplasty can address aesthetic as well as physiological problems that may restrict a person’s ability to breathe properly. The surgery can also enhance the shape of the nose for better proportion with the rest of

Nose Reshaping  People who are unhappy with the shape and size of their nose can consider rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery. Also known as a “nose job” or nose reshaping surgery, rhinoplasty provides an effective, safe and proven solution to improve the

Nose reshaping surgery or nose job is medically known as rhinoplasty. This cosmetic surgery procedure is designed to improve the shape and size of the nose and to enhance the overall harmony of the face. In some instances, this surgical

The consultation is one of the crucial components in a rhinoplasty procedure, and the cosmetic surgeon will invest a significant amount of time in this phase. The information and understanding assimilated during the consultation will form the basis for the

With advancements in surgical techniques and less invasive surgical approaches, rhinoplasty, has become one of the safer procedures performed by a cosmetic surgeon. However, certain risks are inherent to rhinoplasty, just like any other surgery. The patient should be aware

A cosmetic surgeon may perform rhinoplasty procedure using various surgical techniques, but the broad procedural steps will usually remain the same in each case. Rhinoplasty may be performed as an open or closed surgery, and may involve cosmetic refinements or

Rhinoplasty revision surgery is usually a more complicated procedure than the primary nose surgery. Therefore, the recovery time may also be a little longer in this case. Recovery is an important part of the procedure, and the process should not

Nose is a central and prominent part of the face. Even a slight aberration in the appearance of the nose can have a magnified impact on the overall facial look. Rhinoplasty surgery can be performed by a cosmetic surgeon to