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    At the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta we are lucky to have amazing patients! Here are some kind words from one of them:IMG_1667

    “I had two Rhinoplasty’s done in the past by two different doctors In Florida. Both of which were incorrectly done and the results affected me monetarily and emotionally. After 5 years of being miserable and still unhappy, I heard of Paul by one of his previous patients that I met in a local Atlanta bar. I was amazed at the before and after results on my friend. I then decided to take another chance at it, so in May of 2013 I put my trust in this Doctor and had my 3rd Rhinoplasty. Today I am happy with my results. Finally, I am smiling and feel happier than I have been in a very long time. So that’s my story. I wish he would have been my first Doctor that did my procedure. I would have saved so much money. Regardless, When hiring a Plastic Surgeon, Beware.. In my book, Paul Mccluskey and his staff are the BEST!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! :)”

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    These two very popular procedures have earned themselves fans all over the world and for a good reason! A Tummy Tuck gives a slim, youthful waist that can be so hard to achieve for many especially following pregnancy. A Brazilian Butt Lift adds curves in all the right places while taking away fat from trouble areas. It’s understandable then, that many patients come in wanting to combine the two procedures and achieve hour glass curves in one day ofsurgery, but is it a good idea?

    Liposuction Surgery Atlanta | Lipo Plastic Surgery | Cosmetic Surgeon

    The short answer is: No. While these two procedures together can help to completely transform a woman’s body the recovery for one would inhibit the recovery of the other. Following a Brazilian Butt Lift patients are warned not to sit or lay on their rear for a period of time, which would mean laying on the stomach or standing for long periods of time – two things that would be extremely uncomfortable following a Tummy Tuck.


    Not only this but the results will be significantly better if a recovery time is left between them. Dr McCluskey recommends first undergoing the Brazilian Butt Lift and then, after a 6-8 week period, the Tummy Tuck. For two very simple reasons. The first being that it would make no sense to undergo a tummy tuck, then follow with liposuction shortly after, this would mean the best result would not be achieved. Secondly, following the liposuction involved in a Brazilian Butt Lift and the recovery/reduction in swelling in the weeks following, more loose skin will be available to create the most flat, tapered and natural result possible.

    Brazilian Butt Lift | Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta

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    Source: IG @kimkardashian

    Source: IG @kimkardashian

    Kim Kardashian – most requested booty among plastic surgery patients

    The interent is buzzing about Kim K’s revealing IG pic, a post partum selfie that highlights her assets.  If the rumors are true, and she actually gained 70lbs during her pregnancy then this post-baby body would be nearly impossible to achieve this quickly.   Many are speculating about how fake or real Kim’s butt appears in the photo.  I don’t know exactly when she gave birth to baby North West but it’s entirely possible that she underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure involving liposuction and transfer of the fat to the buttocks.  Considering her rumored 70 lb weight gain during her pregnancy the photo is pretty unreal but Kim is a beautiful woman and she seems to gain weight in all the right places. Whether the result is natural or enhanced, she looks fantastic and her curvy figure has helped debunk the myth that women need to be rail thin to be considered attractive.  The most commonly desired celebrity body types among

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    If you’re looking for a more ample derrière then you’ve probably read all about the hugely popular Brazilian Butt Lift and the less common butt implants. So if you’re choosing between the two what should you really be considering?

    For starters, the actual procedures are completely different: a Brazilian Butt Lift involves liposuction of the stomach, thighs and lower back and the transferring the patient’s purified fat to the buttocks through small incisions to completely reshape the lower body. Butt implants simply involve the insertion of a silicone gel implant in to the butt cheek.

    The incisions for the Brazilian Butt Lift are small and hidden in the natural contours for the body, when using a butt implant the scar is longer to allow for the insertion of the gel implant but is normally hidden between the cheeks.

    The risks for each procedure, like any surgery, involve pain, discomfort and infection. Brazilian Butt Lift uses your own fat and is highly successful in creating a bigger buttock. Implants have been known to be more problematic, with implants sitting too high or low (as they can with breast implants), or flipping as you can see below! This occurs when implants are placed above the muscle, instead of below. Each comes with a very specific set of after care instructions that involve a lot of down time and not applying pressure to the buttocks, which Dr McCluskey explains in detail to each patient individually depending on which procedure is right for them.

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    I’m a history nerd.  I majored in history in college and I enjoy gaining a historical perspective on the procedures I perform.  This led me to ask the question, is the desire for larger buttocks, and society’s adulation of celebs with ample “junk in the trunk” a new trend, or does it pre-date surgical techniques such as the Brazilian Butt Lift?  When did our fascination with bountiful butts start?

    Sir Mx-A-Lot

    Sir Mix-A-Lot

    The desire for curves, for a generous derriere, is indeed not a new phenomenon.  While Sir Mix-a-Lot’s infamous song “Baby Got Back” wasn’t written until 1992, artists have consistently expressed their appreciation for large buttocks dating back to the late 1st century, B.C.  In Greek, the root word kalli means beautiful and pygian means buttocks.  The statue of Aphrodite is also known as the Venus Callipyge, or Aphrodite Kallipygos, focusing the attention on the statue’s rounded glutes.  Throughout history there is strong evidence of our fascination with large buttocks.   In the early 20th century Havelock Ellis published Studies in the Psychology of Sex, in which he described the cultural sexual characteristics of the buttocks: Thus we find, among most of the peoples of Europe, Asia, and Africa, the chief continents of the world, that the large hips and buttocks of women are commonly regarded as an important feature of beauty. This secondary sexual character represents the most decided structural deviation of the feminine type from the masculine, a deviation demanded by the reproductive function of women, and in the admiration it arouses sexual selection is thus working in a line with natural selection.


    Regardless of the reproductive implications of large buttocks in women, this ideal has a firm hold in contemporary culture as well.  Art, television, movies, and music have frequent references to the attractiveness of a bountiful bum.  Kim Kardashian is a worldwide household name who has never had a lead role in a film, never held a government office, never written a bestseller, and never sung a Grammy-winning song – she is famous because she is beautiful and she has a huge, attractive butt.  If patients visit the plastic surgeon to discuss their derriere, Kim Kardashian’s name will be part of that conversation.  The take home message is that society has adored women with big butts for centuries.  Our appreciation for an ample derriere dates back to antiquity  – it’s not a trend and it certainly didn’t start with the advent of the Brazilian Butt Lift.  The good news is that for the first time in history plastic surgeons can safely transform a woman’s figure to resemble the Aphrodite and her kalli (beautiful) pygian (buttocks).

    -Dr. McCluskey

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    Squats are a fantastic way to strengthen, tone, build, and lift the thigh & gluteal region.  Anyone who consistently adds squats to their workout will see great results.  But squats will not give you the same look as a Brazilian Butt lift.  Patients who come to me for liposuction and fat transfer are typically looking for a rounder, curvier appearance, and that cannot always be achieved through exercise.


    Where I see exercises like squats or leg presses making a huge difference is in the lower part of the buttocks at the gluteal crease of the posterior thigh.  This area responds well to toning through exercise and it will lift the lower part of the buttocks.  During a Brazilian Butt lift I contour this region by performing liposuction of posterior thigh to enhance the curvature between the leg and the lower part of the butt.  When I take the suctioned fat and augment (add to) the butt it gives a beautiful, lifted appearance.  In a perfect world patients would use a procedure such as Brazilian Butt lift to enhance the results they receive from exercise.  In lower volume fat gluteal fat transfers (250-400cc per side) the addition of a squat regimen markedly enhances the roundness of the buttocks.  But in higher volume fat transfers (500-1200cc per side) so much fat is added to build and sculpt the buttocks that squats probably do not make a huge difference in terms of appearance.

    Brazilian Butt Lift | Before & After

    Brazilian Butt Lift | Before & After

    I still believe that any exercise is good exercise but squats are not for everyone.  For those with chronic knee, hip or back pain squats can be tough to perform without risk of further injury.  I’ve seen the comments online which say “why waste your money on a bigger butt when you can just do squats?”  It’s a fair question but many of our Brazilian Butt Lift patients desire a significantly larger butt than squats can provide. If you look at our BBL patients’ before and after photos and compare them to before and after photos of the 30 day squat challenge you’ll see a pretty clear difference.

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    The number of women looking for that perfect bubble booty is growing, and when squats just aren’t cutting it, the Brazilian Butt Lift is one of the best options. The procedure involves liposuctioning fat from other areas of the body to inject in to the buttocks. You can read more about it here or watch the video explanation here. Perfect if you’ve been gaining weight in all the wrong places, right?

    Brazilian Butt Lift | Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta

    So what happens if you’re pretty happy with the rest of your body but you want extra fat to be able to have the famed BBL? Naturally you run on out to the fast-food-calorie-loaded-carbocidal drive thru of your choosing right? Actually, you might be surprised to hear that, with in reason, putting on a couple extra pounds for the occasion might be just what the doctor ordered.pumpkin pie

    We don’t encourage adopting an unhealthy lifestyle, but if you allow yourself that cheat meal, and give the gym a little less love in the weeks proceeding your operation it will likely allow your procedure to give your butt that extra boost you want. If you are worried about the level of fat your body has for a transfer, discuss it with Dr McCluskey during your consultation and you can decide the best approach for your situation.

    If you are interested in a Brazilian Butt Lift call today and speak to our friendly staff! (404)255-3555

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    Every one is talking about the amazing Brazilian Butt Lift and with these before and after pictures it’s easy to see why!

    If you’re interested in a Brazilian Butt Lift, arrange a consultation today by calling 404-255-3555

    Brazilian Butt Lift | Before & After

    Brazilian Butt Lift | Before & After

    Brazilian Butt Lift | Before & After

    Brazilian Butt Lift | Before & After

    Brazilian Butt Lift | Before & After

    Brazilian Butt Lift | Before & After

    Brazilian Butt Lift | Before & After

    Brazilian Butt Lift | Before & After

    Brazilian Butt Lift | Before & After

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    Brazilian Butt Lifts are all the rage right now! One question that a lot of our patients have is ‘how much fat is needed to be able to perform a Brazilian Butt Lift?’ Here Dr Paul McCluskey explains the entire procedure and how the amount of fat a patient has affects results. If you have any more questions on this or any of our other procedures just let us know!

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    Butt augmentation is hugely popular right now, and unfortunately there are some people looking to make a quick buck from the overwhelming demand. This just compounds why it is critical to research any doctor you consider visiting and make sure they are a certified physician. I don’t do “butt injections” or biogel or hydrogel injections.  I will work with patients who have had these injections and would like the injected material removed.  Unfortunately I frequently see patients who ask me if I can recommend someone that will do buttock injections.  I urge my patients not to undergo these injections.  I’ve sat with many women who come to me in tears with lumpy, deformed, and discolored buttocks who now want the material removed.  Many of them want to sue the person who injected the material but this person is typically someone who performed the injections at a home or hotel room under a veil of secrecy.  These injectors run a word of mouth business, sometimes through internet message boards because it is illegal to inject unknown substances into people.  No licensed provider can legally perform these injections.  We have no way to control or determine the identity of the injected substance.

    Let me rephrase this and address those who still aren’t convinced.  fixaflat
    When you seek out and undergo these hydrogel butt injections you have no idea what they’re injecting into your body, and guess what?  The person injecting the material has no idea what they’re injecting into you either.  That clear substance in the 60cc syringe could be rubber cement, or caulk or fix-a-flat, or it could be industrial grade silicone or industrial grade poly-methyl-methacrylate (PMMA).  The FDA does not control or regulate these injections because they are not legal – this is why those who are caught performing these injections for money (ie. providing a “medical service”) are prosecuted as criminals.  So just because a few of your friends loved the results of their “butt injections” and it doesn’t go away like fat doesn’t mean it’s safe or healthy.  The Fix-A-Flat website does not mention buttock injections as a possible use for the material, but it does say that Fix-a-flat is recommended for use on (non-Z rated, non motorcycle) tires only.  Also, consider this:  the patients who come to me for removal of the injected material or repair of the deformities caused by these injections are the lucky ones.  There are numerous recent stories (such as the woman pictured above) in the news of deaths resulting from these injections.  When I tell you, as my patient, that these injections are illegal and dangerous, I am doing so out of concern.  I am not trying to keep you from going elsewhere for injections or to prevent you from achieving the results you desire – I am trying to say in the nicest way that these injections kill people and it’s not worth the risk!

    Also consider that these injections are rarely performed under sterile conditions.  Recently I’ve treated a number of patients for mild to severe infections from buttock injections.  It is clear that the injections were either not performed in a sterile fashion, or the material itself is either contaminated (it is by definition a contaminant) or it causes a severe inflammatory reaction.  I have successfully treated a number of these patients with either systemic antibiotics or corticosteroids to resolve infection & inflammation.

    For patients seeking an alternative to dangerous butt injections please call my office for more information.  If nothing else we just want you to have the tools to make an informed decision.  If you’ve already had buttock injections and you’re having complications such as lumps, deformities, dimples, pain, infection, or discoloration I welcome your call as well.  I cannot promise that I will be able to remove the injected material but we can help you and there are a number of treatment options to alleviate some of these complications.

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