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    The Showdown: Squats Vs Brazilian Butt Lift

    Squats are a fantastic way to strengthen, tone, build, and lift the thigh & gluteal region.  Anyone who consistently adds squats to their workout will see great results.  But squats will not give you the same look as a Brazilian Butt lift.  Patients who come to me for liposuction and fat transfer are typically looking for a rounder, curvier appearance, and that cannot always be achieved through exercise.


    Where I see exercises like squats or leg presses making a huge difference is in the lower part of the buttocks at the gluteal crease of the posterior thigh.  This area responds well to toning through exercise and it will lift the lower part of the buttocks.  During a Brazilian Butt lift I contour this region by performing liposuction of posterior thigh to enhance the curvature between the leg and the lower part of the butt.  When I take the suctioned fat and augment (add to) the butt it gives a beautiful, lifted appearance.  In a perfect world patients would use a procedure such as Brazilian Butt lift to enhance the results they receive from exercise.  In lower volume fat gluteal fat transfers (250-400cc per side) the addition of a squat regimen markedly enhances the roundness of the buttocks.  But in higher volume fat transfers (500-1200cc per side) so much fat is added to build and sculpt the buttocks that squats probably do not make a huge difference in terms of appearance.

    Brazilian Butt Lift | Before & After

    Brazilian Butt Lift | Before & After

    I still believe that any exercise is good exercise but squats are not for everyone.  For those with chronic knee, hip or back pain squats can be tough to perform without risk of further injury.  I’ve seen the comments online which say “why waste your money on a bigger butt when you can just do squats?”  It’s a fair question but many of our Brazilian Butt Lift patients desire a significantly larger butt than squats can provide. If you look at our BBL patients’ before and after photos and compare them to before and after photos of the 30 day squat challenge you’ll see a pretty clear difference.

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