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    Butt Implants Vs Brazilian Butt Lift

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    If you’re looking for a more ample derrière then you’ve probably read all about the hugely popular Brazilian Butt Lift and the less common butt implants. So if you’re choosing between the two what should you really be considering?

    For starters, the actual procedures are completely different: a Brazilian Butt Lift involves liposuction of the stomach, thighs and lower back and the transferring the patient’s purified fat to the buttocks through small incisions to completely reshape the lower body. Butt implants simply involve the insertion of a silicone gel implant in to the butt cheek.

    The incisions for the Brazilian Butt Lift are small and hidden in the natural contours for the body, when using a butt implant the scar is longer to allow for the insertion of the gel implant but is normally hidden between the cheeks.

    The risks for each procedure, like any surgery, involve pain, discomfort and infection. Brazilian Butt Lift uses your own fat and is highly successful in creating a bigger buttock. Implants have been known to be more problematic, with implants sitting too high or low (as they can with breast implants), or flipping as you can see below! This occurs when implants are placed above the muscle, instead of below. Each comes with a very specific set of after care instructions that involve a lot of down time and not applying pressure to the buttocks, which Dr McCluskey explains in detail to each patient individually depending on which procedure is right for them.

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