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    Butt Augmentation Injections: The Truth Behind The Horror Stories

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    Butt augmentation is hugely popular right now, and unfortunately there are some people looking to make a quick buck from the overwhelming demand. This just compounds why it is critical to research any doctor you consider visiting and make sure they are a certified physician. I don’t do “butt injections” or biogel or hydrogel injections.  I will work with patients who have had these injections and would like the injected material removed.  Unfortunately I frequently see patients who ask me if I can recommend someone that will do buttock injections.  I urge my patients not to undergo these injections.  I’ve sat with many women who come to me in tears with lumpy, deformed, and discolored buttocks who now want the material removed.  Many of them want to sue the person who injected the material but this person is typically someone who performed the injections at a home or hotel room under a veil of secrecy.  These injectors run a word of mouth business, sometimes through internet message boards because it is illegal to inject unknown substances into people.  No licensed provider can legally perform these injections.  We have no way to control or determine the identity of the injected substance.

    Let me rephrase this and address those who still aren’t convinced.  fixaflat
    When you seek out and undergo these hydrogel butt injections you have no idea what they’re injecting into your body, and guess what?  The person injecting the material has no idea what they’re injecting into you either.  That clear substance in the 60cc syringe could be rubber cement, or caulk or fix-a-flat, or it could be industrial grade silicone or industrial grade poly-methyl-methacrylate (PMMA).  The FDA does not control or regulate these injections because they are not legal – this is why those who are caught performing these injections for money (ie. providing a “medical service”) are prosecuted as criminals.  So just because a few of your friends loved the results of their “butt injections” and it doesn’t go away like fat doesn’t mean it’s safe or healthy.  The Fix-A-Flat website does not mention buttock injections as a possible use for the material, but it does say that Fix-a-flat is recommended for use on (non-Z rated, non motorcycle) tires only.  Also, consider this:  the patients who come to me for removal of the injected material or repair of the deformities caused by these injections are the lucky ones.  There are numerous recent stories (such as the woman pictured above) in the news of deaths resulting from these injections.  When I tell you, as my patient, that these injections are illegal and dangerous, I am doing so out of concern.  I am not trying to keep you from going elsewhere for injections or to prevent you from achieving the results you desire – I am trying to say in the nicest way that these injections kill people and it’s not worth the risk!

    Also consider that these injections are rarely performed under sterile conditions.  Recently I’ve treated a number of patients for mild to severe infections from buttock injections.  It is clear that the injections were either not performed in a sterile fashion, or the material itself is either contaminated (it is by definition a contaminant) or it causes a severe inflammatory reaction.  I have successfully treated a number of these patients with either systemic antibiotics or corticosteroids to resolve infection & inflammation.

    For patients seeking an alternative to dangerous butt injections please call my office for more information.  If nothing else we just want you to have the tools to make an informed decision.  If you’ve already had buttock injections and you’re having complications such as lumps, deformities, dimples, pain, infection, or discoloration I welcome your call as well.  I cannot promise that I will be able to remove the injected material but we can help you and there are a number of treatment options to alleviate some of these complications.

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