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    Rhinoplasty Recovery Photos

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    Often when patients consult with Dr McCluskey about Rhinoplasty, asking what the recovery process will look like is high on their list of questions. While many patients know that they can expect swelling and bruising following Rhinoplasty, they often wonder to what extent that will be. One of Dr McCluskey’s patients decided to document her recovery process for us and has kindly allowed us to share it for future patients to see! While recovery is a very different process for every patient, this patient’s generosity allows us to give you an idea of what can be expected following a Rhinoplasty procedure.

    Surgery Day

    Here, before surgery, you can see our patient has been prepared for surgery by Dr McCluskey and is ready for her procedure.


    This next photo was taken the day of surgery as our patient began her recovery process. As you can see bruising has developed, which is completely normal following a Rhinoplasty procedure. A cast has been placed over the nose and will remain there during recovery until it is removed by Dr McCluskey, and some gauze padding has been placed below the nostrils to prevent any leaking from the nose.


    One Day After Surgery

    The day after rhinoplasty surgery, swelling and bruising have become more evident but as you can see our patient was feeling good



    Five Days After Surgery

    Bruising around the eyes reached it’s peak at day five for this patient, swelling is still present and will be long in to any rhinoplasty patient’s recovery. It is vital follow your surgeons instructions about replacing bandages during rhinoplasty recovery to ensure the best results from your surgery and to reduce the chance of infection. As you can see, while being sure to rest appropriately according to Dr McCluskey’s instructions and not driving herself, this patient was out of the house, and feeling good just five days after surgery!



    Seven Days After Surgery

    Swelling is still evident on the patient after seven days but the bruising around her eyes has begun to subside. The cast that is placed on patient’s nose following a rhinoplasty is important to aid the healing process and ensure the results are the best possible!



    Ten Days After Surgery

    Ten days after surgery we can see a huge improvement in bruising and swelling! This was also the day that this patient had her cast removed by Dr McCluskey, and while swelling will reduce much more before the patient has truly recovered we can begin to see what the patient’s final result will be like.



    One Month After Surgery

    One month after surgery our patient was back to her fabulous self and attending events all over Atlanta with out a hint of bruising. We are happy to report she loves the result of her Rhinoplasty at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta!


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    In facial plastic surgery, the profile is a commonly addressed issue as patients look to achieve their goals in terms of nose size and shape, as well as chin and jawline projection. This patient underwent both rhinoplasty and chin augmentation procedures with Dr McCluskey to receive this subtle, beautiful, natural-looking result. By combining these two procedures the result is an overall more youthful, slimmer profile.



    As you can see below the nose is more petite, with a reduced hump.


    The extra projection of the jaw achieved using a chin implant creates a slimmer, more youthful jawline. By placing the implant using an incision inside the mouth there is no visible scar in this procedure.



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    Rhinoplasty is consistently one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. With patients looking to straighten their nose, reduce the size or width, correct a deviated septum or issues left by a previously broken nose, or even reduce the size of the nostrils. Rhinoplasty is a delicate and difficult procedure that requires the skill and patience of an experienced surgeon who understands the desires of the patient and how realistically they can be achieved.

    As can be seen in the before and after photo below this patient achieved beautiful results following her surgery with Dr McCluskey. With a dramatically reduced size and dorsal hump, this patients now has a petite natural looking nose that meets her aesthetic goals.


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    Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery (Nose Job Revision) Atlanta

    Dr. Paul McCluskey is an experienced plastic surgeon in Atlanta, GA providing state of the art surgical treatments, including rhinoplasty as well as revision rhinoplasty. Revision rhinoplasty surgery may be required if the patient is unhappy with the primary nose job performed by a cosmetic surgeon. The corrective surgery may be necessary to remove the imperfections or abnormalities caused by the original procedure.

    If the primary rhinoplasty procedure compromised the basic integrity or ethnicity of the face, caused a loss of facial harmony, or caused functional difficulties of the nose, the plastic surgeon may recommend a revision procedure. Patients in Atlanta, GA or surrounding areas who may be dissatisfied with the outcome of their nose job may consult Dr. McCluskey for a corrective procedure.


    The cosmetic surgeon will evaluate the aesthetic and functional problems of the nose that may have arisen from the previous nose surgery. The problems could relate to the shape of the nasal bridge, size or shape of the nasal tip, or breathing problems caused after a primary nose job. In some cases, the problem may have occurred during the recovery period, and may not be directly connected to the first surgery. The surgeon will try to determine the precise causes of the problem in order to develop an effective treatment plan for a revision surgery.

    Surgical Goals

    Patients should be made aware that a revision rhinoplasty procedure will usually be more complicated than the original surgery. The goal of the surgeon is to correct the problems caused in the first surgery, and to restore the aesthetic appearance of the nose as per the patient’s needs.

    In many cases, the surgeon may have to perform a re-construction of the nose and re-draping of the skin during a revision rhinoplasty. Sometimes the surgeon may be faced with limiting factors such as skin elasticity and natural thickness and texture of the skin. The extent of scar tissue resulting from the primary procedure may also be a limiting factor.

    Reconstructing the Nose

    The plastic surgeon may recommend a reconstruction of the nose as an approach to revision rhinoplasty in several cases. It may become necessary to reconstruct the underlying nasal structure to correct functional problems as well as restore the aesthetic appearance of the nose. The procedure may involve nose grafting with the utilization of cartilage from the nose, ear, or ribs of the patient.

    In some cases, the surgeon may use the Fascia from the scalp to obscure imperfections on the nasal tip or nasal bridge. Artificial nose implants may be required if the availability of the patient’s natural tissue is limited or due to aesthetic concerns. If the revision procedure involves an ethnic patient, the surgeon should be careful to maintain the basic ethnicity of facial features while performing the surgery.


    The patient may experience mild pain and discomfort for the first few days following the surgery. Most patients can resume their regular activities and go back to work within a week to 10 days. Full recovery may take several weeks or months, depending on the extent of surgery and whether implants or other procedures were involved. Complete effects of the procedure will be visible as the swelling and bruising resolves entirely over several weeks.

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    Rhinoplasty (Nose Job Surgery) Before and After Photos – Atlanta

    rhinoplasty nose job surgery before and after photos atlantaNose surgery, nose job or rhinoplasty is a procedure performed by a cosmetic surgeon to improve the appearance, shape and size of the nose and make it more proportionate to the face. In some cases, the procedure may be performed to correct functional anomalies in the nose. If the nose has suffered aesthetic or functional abnormality following an injury or a previous surgery, rhinoplasty may help improve the condition. Dr. Paul McCluskey is an experienced plastic surgeon providing rhinoplasty treatment to patients in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas.

    What are Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos?

    Before and after photographs refer to the set of pictures that show a patient’s appearance prior to the plastic surgery procedure and after the procedure. These pictures are used by the cosmetic surgeon to explain various aspects of a surgical procedure to a new patient. Rhinoplasty is a highly nuanced procedure, and it can be difficult for a patient to visualize how it will impact the facial appearance, profile, and facial harmony.

    See before and after Rhinoplasty photos

    With the help of before and after pictures of a previous patient, the surgeon will be able to show the real outcome that can be expected with rhinoplasty. It helps a patient make an informed decision regarding whether to go ahead with rhinoplasty or not. Dr. McCluskey provides rhinoplasty before and after photos to his patients in Atlanta, GA and other areas. As a committed plastic surgeon, his first goal is to educate his patients about the procedure as far as possible so that they understand what rhinoplasty can or cannot do for them.

    Realistic Expectations

    Rhinoplasty before and after photos can help a new patient understand what kind of changes can be achieved with nose implants, reducing the size of the nasal tip, altering the shape of the nose bridge, and other alterations. However, this is not the only benefit that is achieved with these pictures. Many patients have only a vague idea of what rhinoplasty may be able to achieve in terms of facial aesthetics for them.

    Sometimes a patient may misinterpret what the procedure can achieve, and then feel disappointed with the final outcome even when the results are actually very desirable. This situation can be avoided by the cosmetic surgeon with the help of before and after images. The patient can understand exactly what the nose job surgery can or cannot do to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the face. Dr. McCluskey tries to ensure that the latest rhinoplasty before and after photos are made available to his patients in Atlanta GA during the initial consultation.

    Online Before and After Photos

    Sometimes a plastic surgeon may also make the before and after photos for various procedures, including rhinoplasty, available at the practice website. Digital versions of these pictures can be provided on the website, which are freely accessible by everyone. A potential patient can simply view the pictures online within the comfort and privacy of their home or office, and obtain a better idea about the overall procedure. This can place the patient in a better position to make an informed discussion with the surgeon during the initial consultation.

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    Costs and Risks Involved in Rhinoplasty

    Rhinoplasty (Nose Job Surgery Cost) in AtlantaThe nose reshaping surgery or Rhinoplasty is a procedure which is done to restructure the form of the nose and resolve the nasal functions. This procedure, normally carried out by a cosmetic surgeon, costs a lot and involves a lot of risks. The plastic surgeon who usually do this procedure are very skilled and is paid a lot depending upon experience and past successful work. If you are planning to get Rhinoplasty done in Atlanta, make sure you contact Dr. Paul McCluskey.

    Risks and possible complications in Rhinoplasty

    Like any other surgery, Rhinoplasty has also got its share of risks and complications. Before the surgery is carried out, you will have to sign the consent form to make sure that you are fully aware about the possible complications that can occur in the process of surgery. Given below are the possible risks associated with Rhinoplasty:

    • Incessant bleeding: During the operation there is good chance that some of your surface vessels may rupture which may lead to bleeding.
    • Infection: If the surgeon is not experienced, you might have to be careful about the possible danger of your wound getting infected.
    • Poor healing of the wound: After the operation the success of the process depends a lot on how quickly your wound gets healed.
    • Skin problems: You may have to go through a lot of pain and irritation after the surgery because of  the tape and bandage used to cover the area operated on.
    • Asymmetrical nose: A botched up surgery might lead to an asymmetric nose which might look even worse than what it was before the surgery.
    • Nasal blockage: It might happen because of an occurrence of a swelling inside the nose.
    • Occurrence of scars: An unskilled surgery may lead to an emergence of scars which would need another surgery to remove.

    Cost of undergoing a Rhinoplasty

    Since most people who go for this kind of a cosmetic surgery normally don’t have any issues about the costs involved. However, for the general public it is important to know where they can get it done cheaply and the overall average cost. Given below are the different fees associated with Rhinoplasty:

    • Hospital and surgical facility costs: These are the costs associated with the use of the equipments and other facilities in the hospital.


    • Surgeon’s fee: The fee that has to be paid to the surgeon which varies from person to person.


    • Anesthesia fees: The fees that has to be paid to the anaesthesiologists for their services before the commencement of the surgery.

    So, the cost of this surgery depends on the type of surgery needed and the time it takes to finish the surgery and generally it costs more for a surgery that takes more time.

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    Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Overview

    Rhinoplasty or a nose job is a plastic surgery which is carried out on your nose in order to change its shape, size and alignment in relation to your upper lip. It can also correct indentations, alter the tip of the nose, and other similar defects. This procedure is mostly conducted by a plastic surgeon and enhances the nasal contours. This surgery is also done to open up the blocked nasal passages which is generally caused by collapsed or crooked bone or cartilage. It is one of the challenging operation that has evolved a lot over the last twenty years. If you live in Atlanta, and are in need of Rhinoplasty, Dr. Paul McCluskey is one of the best surgeons you can go to.


    During the process of carrying out the surgery, the cosmetic surgeon slits the cartilage and bones which support the nose. These slits are made on the inside portion of the nose so as to make the surgical work done invisible to the others. In certain situations some portion of the bone or cartilage is removed totally, or some tissue is added as per the needs and requirements. After the rearrangement of the bones and cartilage, the skin is relaid over the new structure of the nose. In some case, a splint might be needed to support the new shape and size of the nose till the time it gets healed.

    Benefits of Rhinoplasty procedure

    Although Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult cosmetic surgery procedure, it has become fairly popular, especially among the actors in the film industry. They feel it was very beneficial to them and helped many to revive their careers. Given below are the major benefits of having a nose job done:

    • Correct birth defects: Many people were born with a nose which has certain defects like flattened nasal bridge and cleft nose. Rhinoplasty can correct all these defects.
    • Facial Symmetry: A Rhinoplasty can surely create symmetry in a patient’s face by removing the imbalance in a person’s nose and as a result improving their appearance.
    • Provide relief from breathing difficulties: A patient who has difficulty in breathing can get relief by this procedure as it opens the nasal passage and correct the abnormalities.
    • Improve the shape of the nose: The tip of the nose can be altered by Rhinoplasty which improves the whole look of your face.
    • Proportionate size: Huge nose on a small face doesn’t look nice. Rhinoplasty solves this problem of disproportion.
    • Removal of crookedness and bumps.


    So, although risky, many people do go in for this operation because for them, looking good matters a lot.

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