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    Before & After Photo: Rhinoplasty

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    Rhinoplasty is consistently one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. With patients looking to straighten their nose, reduce the size or width, correct a deviated septum or issues left by a previously broken nose, or even reduce the size of the nostrils. Rhinoplasty is a delicate and difficult procedure that requires the skill and patience of an experienced surgeon who understands the desires of the patient and how realistically they can be achieved.

    As can be seen in the before and after photo below this patient achieved beautiful results following her surgery with Dr McCluskey. With a dramatically reduced size and dorsal hump, this patients now has a petite natural looking nose that meets her aesthetic goals.


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    Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Surgery Atlanta | Plastic Surgeon | SurgeryRhinoplasty, or a nose correction procedure, involves a plastic or cosmetic surgeon reshape the bones and cartilage in the nose to adjust them to give it a better shape or reduce respiratory issues. For a plastic or cosmetic surgeon, the main objective is to make the nose more symmetrical with the rest of the face, especially in terms of the lip line. Using this method, a nose can be made to look sharper or the bridge can be made straighter.

    Talking to your cosmetic surgeon

    Before you undergo this procedure, it is very important you discuss everything pertinent to this surgery with your plastic surgeon. You should understand what is involved in the procedure, how it is done and at the same time keep your surgeon informed of your intentions. It would not be possible for your surgeon to completely change the look of your nose so keep your expectations as practical as possible.

    By correcting the shape of your nose, it can change the way your face looks overall too. So ensure you choose the right changes that will suit the rest of your face and not just because a particular change looked good on someone else. Each rhinoplasty procedure will be unique. Dr. Paul McCluskey, a renowned plastic surgeon, believes in recommending only those changed which suit a person’s facing and has treated several clients of Atlanta, GA and other cities in this manner.

    People who have cosmetic or medical requirements can go for this surgery. By straightening the nose bridge, respiratory problems can be solved while making it look straight with no dents. People who have suffered nose damage in a fight, the nose being one of the commonly affected parts, can also go for rhinoplasty.

    How is the surgery done?

    To perform the surgery, the surgeon uses local or general anesthesia. It is a relatively minor surgery and can be done on an outpatient basis too. Generally, you are advised to stay a day in the hospital or facility where the surgery is done.

    To minimize the appearance of the marks of the surgery, the incision is made inside the nose via the nostrils and not outside. The surgeon makes the incision in a manner that gives him/her access to the bones and cartilage forming the nose. Depending on the results you want, the bone or cartilage made be added or removed. Tissue too may be used, either from your body or synthetic ones, inside the nose. When the necessary changes have been made, skin and tissues are arranged on the nose structure.

    To facilitate healing of the operated site, a splint is placed inside the nose for a few days. This ensures the nostrils are fully supported and they do not touch the affected portion much.

    Rhinoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgeries performed on people. Noses are one of the most prominent features of one face and if that’s not exactly in place, a person’s overall appearance may be affected too.

    To avoid suffering from any post-surgery risks such as bleeding or breathing problems, make sure you visit reputed surgeons such as Dr. Paul McCluskey . He operates in Atlanta, GA and has knowledge as well  experience of this procedure. Several people have benefited with better looks with a simple procedure such as rhinoplasty.


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