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    Rhinoplasty (Nose Job Surgery) in Atlanta

    Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Overview

    Rhinoplasty or a nose job is a plastic surgery which is carried out on your nose in order to change its shape, size and alignment in relation to your upper lip. It can also correct indentations, alter the tip of the nose, and other similar defects. This procedure is mostly conducted by a plastic surgeon and enhances the nasal contours. This surgery is also done to open up the blocked nasal passages which is generally caused by collapsed or crooked bone or cartilage. It is one of the challenging operation that has evolved a lot over the last twenty years. If you live in Atlanta, and are in need of Rhinoplasty, Dr. Paul McCluskey is one of the best surgeons you can go to.


    During the process of carrying out the surgery, the cosmetic surgeon slits the cartilage and bones which support the nose. These slits are made on the inside portion of the nose so as to make the surgical work done invisible to the others. In certain situations some portion of the bone or cartilage is removed totally, or some tissue is added as per the needs and requirements. After the rearrangement of the bones and cartilage, the skin is relaid over the new structure of the nose. In some case, a splint might be needed to support the new shape and size of the nose till the time it gets healed.

    Benefits of Rhinoplasty procedure

    Although Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult cosmetic surgery procedure, it has become fairly popular, especially among the actors in the film industry. They feel it was very beneficial to them and helped many to revive their careers. Given below are the major benefits of having a nose job done:

    • Correct birth defects: Many people were born with a nose which has certain defects like flattened nasal bridge and cleft nose. Rhinoplasty can correct all these defects.
    • Facial Symmetry: A Rhinoplasty can surely create symmetry in a patient’s face by removing the imbalance in a person’s nose and as a result improving their appearance.
    • Provide relief from breathing difficulties: A patient who has difficulty in breathing can get relief by this procedure as it opens the nasal passage and correct the abnormalities.
    • Improve the shape of the nose: The tip of the nose can be altered by Rhinoplasty which improves the whole look of your face.
    • Proportionate size: Huge nose on a small face doesn’t look nice. Rhinoplasty solves this problem of disproportion.
    • Removal of crookedness and bumps.


    So, although risky, many people do go in for this operation because for them, looking good matters a lot.

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