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    Before & After: Profile Surgery

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    In facial plastic surgery, the profile is a commonly addressed issue as patients look to achieve their goals in terms of nose size and shape, as well as chin and jawline projection. This patient underwent both rhinoplasty and chin augmentation procedures with Dr McCluskey to receive this subtle, beautiful, natural-looking result. By combining these two procedures the result is an overall more youthful, slimmer profile.



    As you can see below the nose is more petite, with a reduced hump.


    The extra projection of the jaw achieved using a chin implant creates a slimmer, more youthful jawline. By placing the implant using an incision inside the mouth there is no visible scar in this procedure.



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    Noses can be big and noses can be small.  Big noses can be tapered and refined through nose surgery, or rhinoplasty.  Likewise small noses can be broadened or lengthened.  But the nose is just one part of a person’s profile.  While the entire face contributes to the profile, the chin can determine the attractiveness of the profile.  Like noses, chins come in all shapes and sizes.  Chins can be broad and overly projected, or narrow and underprojected.  The good news is that these issues can be fixed!  Chin augmentation, which typically involves placement of a chin implant, can provide more width and projection to a slight chin.  Chin augmentation is one of the most common facial procedures and it can be safely performed under local anesthesia.  Like breast implants, chin implants come in a variety of sizes and widths.  To choose the correct size I take a number of measurements of the patient’s chin and jaw and then consider how much additional projection the patient needs or desires.  Often a chin implant is performed at the same time as rhinoplasty to treat the entire profile and restore harmony and symmetry to the face in a single procedure.


    Chins can also be reduced and or narrowed to improve the attractiveness of the profile.  Chin narrowing or chin reduction are feminizing procedures and are often performed in women who have broad, overly projected, or masculine appearing chins.  Chin narrowing is also performed as part of FFS (facial feminization surgery) along with rhinoplasty, cheek augmentation, glabellar and brow reduction, and tracheal shave procedures.

    I find that for patients with a slightly retruded chin, the placement of a chin implant under local anesthesia dramatically improves the overall attractiveness and symmetry of the face.  It’s an inexpensive procedure with minimal downtime & easy recovery that yields beautiful results.

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