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    Rhinoplasty Recovery Photos

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    Often when patients consult with Dr McCluskey about Rhinoplasty, asking what the recovery process will look like is high on their list of questions. While many patients know that they can expect swelling and bruising following Rhinoplasty, they often wonder to what extent that will be. One of Dr McCluskey’s patients decided to document her recovery process for us and has kindly allowed us to share it for future patients to see! While recovery is a very different process for every patient, this patient’s generosity allows us to give you an idea of what can be expected following a Rhinoplasty procedure.

    Surgery Day

    Here, before surgery, you can see our patient has been prepared for surgery by Dr McCluskey and is ready for her procedure.


    This next photo was taken the day of surgery as our patient began her recovery process. As you can see bruising has developed, which is completely normal following a Rhinoplasty procedure. A cast has been placed over the nose and will remain there during recovery until it is removed by Dr McCluskey, and some gauze padding has been placed below the nostrils to prevent any leaking from the nose.


    One Day After Surgery

    The day after rhinoplasty surgery, swelling and bruising have become more evident but as you can see our patient was feeling good



    Five Days After Surgery

    Bruising around the eyes reached it’s peak at day five for this patient, swelling is still present and will be long in to any rhinoplasty patient’s recovery. It is vital follow your surgeons instructions about replacing bandages during rhinoplasty recovery to ensure the best results from your surgery and to reduce the chance of infection. As you can see, while being sure to rest appropriately according to Dr McCluskey’s instructions and not driving herself, this patient was out of the house, and feeling good just five days after surgery!



    Seven Days After Surgery

    Swelling is still evident on the patient after seven days but the bruising around her eyes has begun to subside. The cast that is placed on patient’s nose following a rhinoplasty is important to aid the healing process and ensure the results are the best possible!



    Ten Days After Surgery

    Ten days after surgery we can see a huge improvement in bruising and swelling! This was also the day that this patient had her cast removed by Dr McCluskey, and while swelling will reduce much more before the patient has truly recovered¬†we can begin to see what the patient’s final result will be like.



    One Month After Surgery

    One month after surgery our patient was back to her fabulous self and attending events all over Atlanta with out a hint of bruising. We are happy to report she loves the result of her Rhinoplasty at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta!


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    In facial plastic surgery, the profile is a commonly addressed issue as patients look to achieve their goals in terms of nose size and shape, as well as chin and jawline projection. This patient underwent both rhinoplasty and chin augmentation procedures with Dr McCluskey to receive this subtle, beautiful, natural-looking result. By combining these two procedures the result is an overall more youthful, slimmer profile.



    As you can see below the nose is more petite, with a reduced hump.


    The extra projection of the jaw achieved using a chin implant creates a slimmer, more youthful jawline. By placing the implant using an incision inside the mouth there is no visible scar in this procedure.



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    Rhinoplasty is consistently one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. With patients looking to straighten their nose, reduce the size or width, correct a deviated septum or issues left by a previously broken nose, or even reduce the size of the nostrils. Rhinoplasty is a delicate and difficult procedure that requires the skill and patience of an experienced surgeon who understands the desires of the patient and how realistically they can be achieved.

    As can be seen in the before and after photo below this patient achieved beautiful results following her surgery with Dr McCluskey. With a dramatically reduced size and dorsal hump, this patients now has a petite natural looking nose that meets her aesthetic goals.


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