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    Exercise of the Week!

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    Exercise Of The Week

    Here at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta the health and wellbeing of our patients is a priority in everything we do! Besides eating well, exercise and having an active lifestyle is vital to support good health. Each week Dr McCluskey demonstrates a different exercise for everyone to try as well as setting a challenge for the week. This week it’s all about the abdominals-a problem area for many! It is important to remember that abdominal exercises alone will not give any one a flat stomach, eating healthy food and appropriate portions is also vital!

    The Full Extension

    This move can take a little while to conquer as it requires stability as well as abdominal strength, but stick with it! Full extensions utilize the entire core giving the upper and lower ab muscles work as well as using the entire core to stabilize. Try performing thirty of these each day for the next week and tell us if you see any improvement! Here’s how to perform one full extension:

    1. Extend both legs and arms long

    2. Reach up and over your head with your arms while simultaneously tucking the knees towards the chest.

    3. Extend both arms out in front of you with knees tucked in to your chest

    4. In a controlled motion extend both the arms and legs and return to your original position.

    Watch as Dr McCluskey and our lovely Dani demonstrate this move!

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    Exercise of the Week

    Here at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta we are focused on helping our patients feel beautiful and that starts inside! Patients have a lot questions about targeted weight loss and toning certain areas. Even though “targeted” weight loss is not possible with out surgical steps, toning trouble areas is something everybody can work achieve themselves! So, whether you’re adding a move to regular routine or learning something totally new, join in with us and help to make a healthier, happier you!


    This Week’s Move: The Tricep Dip

    A common complaint that many patients have is that they are unhappy with the size or appearance of their upper arms. The tricep dip, and other moves that exercise the tricep muscle (as seen in the picture) will specifically tone the backs of the arms increasing strength and creating slimmer, leaner looking upper arms.

    This move is incredibly simple and is open to many variations to further test yourself and increase endurance. For example the legs can be bent with feet plants on the ground, straight with heels digging in to the ground, or crossed with one heel digging in to the ground. The key thing to remember with the tricep dip is that it’s just that- a work out for the upper arm, so moving the hips up and down to touch the floor will not exercise the arm. The key is to bend the elbow and then snap back in to a straight arm position, even if this means a small bend in the elbow at first as you improve you will be able to achieve a lower ‘dip’.

    To perform a tricep dip follow the steps below and use Dr McCluskey’s pictures as a reference! This move can be performed using a step or low bench or simply on the floor:

    1. Lean back and place hands directly under shoulders with fingers facing forward.

    photo 1

    2.  With legs either straight out to the front, bent, or crossed, lift your butt off the floor and shift your weight back so that more pressure is on your arms than legs.

    3. Simply bend the elbows lowering your upper body slowly without letting your bum touch the floor.

    photo 4

    4. Then push back to a straight arm position to complete the dip!

    photo 2

    Perform this action twenty times for three sets each day for the next week and see if you can notice an improvement. Changing leg position or using a step to allow a bigger dip will increase the challenge! Controlled and stable movements will help to produce the best results, and don’t forget to check in with us and let us know what you think of this exercise!

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    After breast augmentation surgery, like any surgery, it’s always important to take it easy and follow your surgeon’s recovery instructions. But, once you are fully recovered, healed, and ready to get back to your work out routine (check with your surgeon about just how long you should wait) what precautions should you take? After all, you could now be jogging with large breasts for the first time in your life!


    You’ve probably seen photos of bodybuilders who have undergone breast augmentation so you know they aren’t skipping their workouts! Of course, while you get used to your new assets things are going to feel strange. The extra weight on your chest and the movement of the implants, particularly during arm exercises. Low-impact cardio is a great way to ease back in to exercise while you get used to your new implants.It is important to wait before resuming any chest exercises though, particularly with implants placed sub muscularly the muscle is healing so it is important to treat it as such.

    silicone breast implantFrom Dr McCluskey:  Many breast augmentation patients are told by their doctors to avoid exercise during the first few weeks after surgery.  I actually encourage patients to resume low-impact exercise (walking on treadmill or elliptical) within a few days after surgery.   I find that the most active patients feel better, have less pain, recover faster, and resume normal activities faster.  That said, I prefer for breast augmentation patients to wait a few weeks before resuming upper body workouts, particularly if they use heavy weights.  The pectoral muscles are partially released during breast augmentation surgery and this area needs to heal before strenuous exercise is resumed.  So the take-home message is that I want my breast implant patients to get out and walk or do light exercise very soon after surgery, but hold off on upper body weight lifting or pushups for a few weeks.

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