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    Neck Liposuction: Before and After Photos

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    Liposuction is one of the simplest ways to improve the appearance of the jawline and neck and in most cases it can be safely performed under local anesthesia.  The key to neck & chin liposuction is patient selection.  The procedure is perfect for men & women with excess fat in the neck and a blunted jawline.  In these patients I use very small liposuction cannulas to remove fat from the neck and chin area to improve the neck contour & the appearance of the jaw.  If a patient has a significant amount of excess skin, especially loose or droopy neck skin, then neck liposuction should be combined with a full neck lift or facelift.

    As you can see neck liposuction results in a dramatically improved jawline for the patient e giving a younger, slimmer look to the face and gives a boost of confidence to the patient!





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    Plastic surgeons and reality television shows popularized the term ‘mommy makeover’. It’s a common Google search term and there are over 3,000 Instagram posts with the hashtag #mommymakeover.

    So what is it?

    Put simply a mommy makeover is a cosmetic improvement of the breasts and tummy.  The goal of this combination of procedures is to restore a woman’s pre-baby body, but a mommy makeover also helps rejuvenate women who’ve lost weight.  Typically a mommy makeover combines breast augmentation and tummy tuck with or without liposuction of the waist.  The procedures are designed to lift & rejuvenate the breasts and also to flatten the tummy while removing loose skin and stretch marks.  The liposuction removes excess fat in the love handles, muffin-tops, and bra line (ie “back fat” or “back rolls”).


    During a mommy makeover I perform more than one procedure while the patient is under anesthesia thus I’m able to save time & money on surgical setup and anesthesia fees & I can pass these savings on to the patient.  Another huge advantage of combining multiple procedures such as breast and tummy rejuvenation is that there is only one recovery period!


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    Liposuction is something most of us have heard of. Between celebrity plastic surgery stories, and plastic surgery television shows you’ve probably become familiar with the term and seen the great results but how much do you really know? Here are the five things every one who is interested in liposuction should know:


    1 Liposuction is safe and it can be performed under general or local anesthesia

    2 Dr. McCluskey performs tumescent liposuction.  This reduces pain and bruising after surgery.  

    3 Liposuction reduces fat in troublesome areas like love handles and the “saddlebags” but it is not a weight loss procedure.  

    4 It takes weeks to months for swelling to completely resolve after liposuction

    5 Patients can return to normal activities and exercise within 2-4 weeks after the procedure

    If you are interested in liposuction or any of our other procedures and would like to schedule a consultation, call us! 404-255-3555

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    A tummy tuck procedure is the perfect procedure to remove excess skin from the stomach area that can be due to child-bearing or a dramatic weight loss. The overall procedure includes removal of the excess skin, tightening of the abdominal muscles which are so often stretched beyond the help of exercise during pregnancy, and if needed liposuction to help define the new slimmed waistline. As you can see this patients abdominal area is almost unrecognizable following the tummy tuck procedure!



    You can learn more about the tummy tuck here or watch a full procedure from Dr McCluskey’s point of view here!

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    Flat tummy, beautifully tapered waist, tight abdominal muscles – these are results that patients enjoy after a tummy tuck.  In one operation the excess fat and skin are removed, the 6-pack muscles are tightened, and the love handles (muffin-tops) are sucked away via liposuction.  Once they heal, tummy tuck patients are eager to show off their new figures & buy new form-fitting clothes.  They’re also very inspired to start exercising to maintain these dramatic results.


    What do I tell post-tummy tuck patients about exercise?  I want them walking the evening of surgery.  I don’t want them just lying in bed and I want family members to help them but also to make them walk.  As their body heals and the discomfort improves I want them increasing their activity and within 2-3 weeks after surgery I have no problem with brisk walks, or elliptical machine type exercise (low-impact!).  Within 4-6 weeks the tummy tuck patient may resume her typical workout or exercise activities.

    The most common exercise-related questions I get relate to situps or crunches.  When should patients resume situps after a tummy tuck?  Do patients need to do situps after a tummy tuck?  Can abdominal exercises hurt or “mess up” a tummy tuck?

    Breast Implants | Breast Augmentation | Atlanta

    Here’s my answer:  The patient will see a dramatic difference in her tummy before & after surgery.  The entire torso is flatter & more trim after abdominoplasty.  In the first few weeks after surgery there is not a need to resume situps or crunches after tummy tuck.  Patients may resume these exercises many weeks after surgery without any adverse effects.  After a few months performing abdominal exercise will help support and even improve the tummy tuck results.

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    You won’t believe the results of this liposuction with Dr McCluskey. He managed to remove 3 liters of fat from this patient and the final look is absolutely beautiful

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    Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the tummy tuck procedure in a three and a half minute video! You can see more before and after pictures here.

    If you have any questions about any of the procedures performed by Dr McCluskey just let us know! You can comment below, ask us on Instagram @drpaulmccluskey or visit our Facebook page

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