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    Reaction To The Bruce Jenner Interview

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    I never thought I would hear Bruce Jenner admit to the world that he’s always identified as a woman.  I still remember the Bruce Jenner of the late ’70’s and ’80‘s, the personification of masculinity.  He was the all-American golden boy and although I was very young at the time, I looked to him as a hero.  tumblr_nnck7yBU5d1sy2327o1_500

    There are those who have said that his sudden interest in being female is just another tacky publicity stunt by the Kardashian media empire. But nothing about his interview with Diane Sawyer this week appeared gimmicky or staged.  Mr Jenner was honest and clearly he has been struggling with this issue for many, many years.  In his interview he discussed cosmetic surgery and going forward with physical changes to achieve a more feminine look.  While I was once among those who thought that his facelift, eyelid lift, and rhinoplasty were all somewhat drastic and overdone, it is now clear that he was seeking a more feminine appearance.

    I’ve been treating transgender patients for many years now.  We welcome them into the practice and we offer many feminizing procedures for the face and body.  I remember my first consultation with a transgender patient, and I’ll freely admit that it was unfamiliar territory.  The patient could tell that I was not accustomed to discussing breast augmentation and facial feminization procedures with transgender patients.  The first hurdle for me was accepting that this was indeed a female, “she”, and the second was moving past her obvious male physical characteristics and talking to her in the same way I would an anatomically female patient.  But this patient understood and she was open and honest with me. She had been on feminizing hormones since the age of 16 and she had “B” cup breasts and soft features.  Ultimately I performed breast augmentation on that patient and she has continued to refer her friends and family to the practice for years.

    From those first few patients I’ve established a great following in the transgender community and the patients literally travel from all over the world to our office in Atlanta.  Through the transgender community I’ve gained invaluable experience with facial feminization procedures such as facelift, eyelid lift (blepharoplasty), necklift, browlift, and rhinoplasty.  But facial feminization also involves softening the face with procedures such as cheek augmentation, chin and jaw reduction, glabellar (brow) reduction, lip augmentation, and buccal fat removal.  In recent years we have improved techniques for injecting autologous fat and fillers such as Restylane, Radiesse, and Juvederm to aid with feminization.
    Unfortunately many transgender patients are turned away by plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons.  Many doctors are under the impression that these patients have unrealistic expectations or that they want to transform their male appearance into that of a Barbie doll.  I don’t find that to be the case at all.  I find that most transgender patients have very reasonable expectations for surgical results.  They want what every cosmetic surgery patient wants, to look like a better version of themselves.  When transgender patients are rejected by medical practices they often turn to dangerous procedures such as black market injection of industrial grade (non-medical) silicone, PMMA, and other substances. These injections are frequently performed in hotel rooms or in people’s houses or apartments and there is no guarantee as to what type of substance is being injected.  The clear liquid in those syringes could be industrial grade silicone or it could be tile caulk or even tire filler.  Many of my transgender patients have had these substances illegally injected into their faces, cheeks, lips, breasts, and buttocks with terribly deforming results.  I’m often asked to remove these substances or to improve the appearance of the affected areas but unfortunately the treatment options are very limited.

    I hope Bruce Jenner’s revelation has a strongly positive effect on the transgender community.  I hope that it improves how transgender and transsexual patients are viewed as both people and as patients in medical practices.  We cannot prevent people from turning to black market treatments such as silicone injection, but if these patients felt more comfortable walking into a physician’s office and discussing their concerns then they would be much less likely to seek illegal body and facial modifications.

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    Cheek dimples have been considered an attractive facial feature for a long time, and been the envy of many. Dimples are simply caused by a defect in the cheek muscle which allows the skin to adhere to deeper tissue, creating a dimple. For patients that wish to have dimples it is this simple defect that needs to be recreated. After marking precisely where the dimples will be, the surgeon can then make an incision inside the mouth and suture to create a dimple. The procedure can be performed simply and quickly under local anesthetic with no incisions made to the outer cheek so there are no visible scars but instant results. Side effects will involve some soreness in the mouth, and in the initial stages of recovery dimples may be visible when the patient is not smiling but this will reduce over time. For the following 24 hours patients can take on soft food and liquids, like smoothies, before resuming eating solid foods at the surgeon’s discretion.

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    Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) Blepharoplasty is a surgery that is performed to remove extra skin from the eyelids and also to remove fat or add some fat in that area. If the upper eyelid looks too heavy or puffy or if the eyelid blocks vision due to fat accumulation, blepharoplasty can correct it. Wrinkles or fine lines under the eyes, or excess fat or skin under the eyes can also be reduced or removed with this surgery. This surgery can correct and improve the appearance of your eyelids. If you are facing any of the problems mentioned above, it is best that you consult a plastic surgeon and allow him/her to take you through the benefits of getting a blepharoplasty done.

    How is blepharoplasty (eye lid surgery) done?

    For perfect blepharoplasty, you must seek the expertise of an experienced plastic surgeon. This surgery requires very nifty hands because the incision lines need to be designed with precision so that the scars get concealed in the natural structure of your eyelids.

    For upper blepharoplasty, the surgeon makes incisions on the upper eyelid skin to remove excess fat and skin and then uses a fine stitch to join the skin and create an eyelid crease.

    For lower blepharoplasty, the cosmetic surgeon makes incisions just below your lash line or on the inside of your eyelid to remove or add excess fat. Incisions made on the inside of the eyelid are completely invisible. This is also called the transconjunctival approach.

    The incisions are closed with sutures – removable or absorbable, skin adhesives or tape. Along with surgery, laser resurfacing of your eyelid might be needed to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles further.

    In places like Atlanta, GA, double eyelid surgery, also known as Westernization of the eyelid or Asian eyelid surgery is also done to create a crease in the upper eyelid.

    Cost of the surgery

    Depending upon the type of surgical procedure you need, blepharoplasty can cost you around $2,900. This might be exclusive of other expenses like medical tests, anesthesia, operating room charges and medication. If medical examinations prove that the surgery is performed to correct obstruction of vision, then the cost of the surgery might be covered by a health insurance provider.

    Experienced doctors like Dr. Paul McCluskey can also help you with financing plans to cover the cost of the plastic surgery. It is more important that your surgery should be done accurately and you should be willing to shell out some extra money if needed because your satisfaction is what matters most.


    After the surgery, the surgeon might cover your eyes loosely with gauze or you might need to apply cold compress for the first 48 hours after surgery. You will also be given a lubricating ointment to apply on the surgical site. This will also ward off infections. You might experience some swelling or irritation of the eyes for which you will be given appropriate medicines. Bruising and swelling after surgery is common, but it disappears soon.

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    You may have heard over the weekend that Bruce Jenner, the former olympian and Keeping up With The Kardashians star, has been looking to get a laryngeal shave as reported by TMZ. So what exactly is a laryngeal shave?


    A laryngeal shave, or tracheal shave is a procedure common in the transgender community as it involves shaving down the Adam’s apple to give a flatter and more feminine neck. Bruce Jenner is not undergoing gender reassignment surgery but has apparently had issues with how his trachea looks and wants to rectify the issue.  Many patients desire a less prominent trachea as part of the process of facial feminization while some patients like Mr Jenner may simply dislike how the thyroid cartilage affects their appearance.


    The procedure involves making a small transverse incision and gently shaving the cartilage to flatten the appearance of the Adam’s apple, however it can not be completely removed as the cartilage is required to protect the vocal chords. The procedure is not long and can be performed under local anesthesia.

    If you have questions on this or any other procedure performed by Dr McCluskey, let us know! We are always here to answer your questions.

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