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    Breast Augmentation For Transgender Patients

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    Breast augmentation has long been the most popular procedure in plastic surgery as well as being a hugely important step in many gender reassignment cases. In transgender breast augmentation cases the choices of implant types and sizes is exactly the same, with the same beautiful results expected, but there are some points to take in to consideration.

    silicone breast implant

    Typically in male to female transgender cases the patient has broader chest and shoulders that will accommodate larger implants, smaller implants may look too narrow and appear unnatural. As well as a wider chest, nipples will typically be lower on  a male chest than a females so the natural breast crease will often have to be lowered so that the nipple is more centered on the implant.

    Another aspect that is important during consultation is whether the patient is currently using hormone therapy. Patients who have been using hormone therapy will tend to have developed breast tissue and this can be associated with ptosis (or drooping) that would have to be taken in to account when planning the procedure. Many transgender patients are good candidates for trans-axilalry augmentation where the incision is made in the armpit because of the lack of ptosis of the breast tissue.

    Finally it is important for the patient to pay close attention to instructions from their surgeon to allow the implants to ‘drop’ in to a natural position on the chest. Because the pec muscle is generally larger in transgender patients the muscle has a tendency to hold the implant higher on the chest wall, with massage and compression the implant will fall in to a lower and more natural place on the breast.

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    You may have heard over the weekend that Bruce Jenner, the former olympian and Keeping up With The Kardashians star, has been looking to get a laryngeal shave as reported by TMZ. So what exactly is a laryngeal shave?


    A laryngeal shave, or tracheal shave is a procedure common in the transgender community as it involves shaving down the Adam’s apple to give a flatter and more feminine neck. Bruce Jenner is not undergoing gender reassignment surgery but has apparently had issues with how his trachea looks and wants to rectify the issue.  Many patients desire a less prominent trachea as part of the process of facial feminization while some patients like Mr Jenner may simply dislike how the thyroid cartilage affects their appearance.


    The procedure involves making a small transverse incision and gently shaving the cartilage to flatten the appearance of the Adam’s apple, however it can not be completely removed as the cartilage is required to protect the vocal chords. The procedure is not long and can be performed under local anesthesia.

    If you have questions on this or any other procedure performed by Dr McCluskey, let us know! We are always here to answer your questions.

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