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    Cheek Dimple Surgery

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    Cheek dimples have been considered an attractive facial feature for a long time, and been the envy of many. Dimples are simply caused by a defect in the cheek muscle which allows the skin to adhere to deeper tissue, creating a dimple. For patients that wish to have dimples it is this simple defect that needs to be recreated. After marking precisely where the dimples will be, the surgeon can then make an incision inside the mouth and suture to create a dimple. The procedure can be performed simply and quickly under local anesthetic with no incisions made to the outer cheek so there are no visible scars but instant results. Side effects will involve some soreness in the mouth, and in the initial stages of recovery dimples may be visible when the patient is not smiling but this will reduce over time. For the following 24 hours patients can take on soft food and liquids, like smoothies, before resuming eating solid foods at the surgeon’s discretion.

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