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    Cheek Dimple Surgery

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    Cheek dimples have been considered an attractive facial feature for a long time, and been the envy of many. Dimples are simply caused by a defect in the cheek muscle which allows the skin to adhere to deeper tissue, creating a dimple. For patients that wish to have dimples it is this simple defect that needs to be recreated. After marking precisely where the dimples will be, the surgeon can then make an incision inside the mouth and suture to create a dimple. The procedure can be performed simply and quickly under local anesthetic with no incisions made to the outer cheek so there are no visible scars but instant results. Side effects will involve some soreness in the mouth, and in the initial stages of recovery dimples may be visible when the patient is not smiling but this will reduce over time. For the following 24 hours patients can take on soft food and liquids, like smoothies, before resuming eating solid foods at the surgeon’s discretion.

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    Patients of all ages come to a consultation with Dr. McCluskey with a common question: How do I get natural looking, fuller lips? Luckily for them there are a wealth of options to help these patients achieve the look they desire!image-lip

    There are four equally effective procedures that can give patients the ample lips they desire, return a youthful appearance, and help with any loss of the cupids bow.There are many reasons patients seek lip augmentation. Fuller, plumper lips with the desirable cupids bow are traditionally associated with youth and beauty, so for those who have either lost or have never had fullness of the lips, augmentation can create a beautiful difference. Loss of fullness in the lips is extremely common with age, as well as the space between the nose and top lip elongating to give a drawn and drooping appearance to the mouth.

     Fillers (like Restylane or Juvederm)

    In the hands of a skilled surgeon fillers give an beautifully natural fullness to the lips. Fillers are a fantastic option for those who are concerned with the permanence of the procedure as results will fade in 6-12months.

    Fat Transfer

    The most cost effective treatment option, fat transfer involves harvesting fat through liposuction and injecting the fat in to the lips as desired. This can be combined with a liposuction procedure or the amount of fat needed can simply be gathered. With fat transfer, up to 50% of the fat will be reabsorbed in to the body so it essential to transfer a greater quantity of fat to achieve the final look.

    Lip implant


    This is an option for a fuller lip is the insertion of a lip implant, like Permalip, which are available in thee sizes: 3mm, 4mm and 5mm.

    Lip Lift

    A lip lift is a simple procedure that involves making an incision just below the nose to lift the lip creating a more youthful top lip. With this procedure the scar is invisible hidden below the nose, it is most commonly combined with one of the above procedures to also give a fuller lip.

    In the caring hands of an experienced surgeon all options above will result in natural, youthful outcomes and satisfied patients. The procedure used in each case is completely unique to the patient’s aesthetic goals. Each of these procedures can be performed under local anesthesia, or a dental block numbing the mouth with swelling commonly lasting from two to five days and patients returning to their usual activities, including eating, almost immediately. As with all procedures it is extremely important that the patient follows their Doctor’s postoperative instructions!

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    Noses can be big and noses can be small.  Big noses can be tapered and refined through nose surgery, or rhinoplasty.  Likewise small noses can be broadened or lengthened.  But the nose is just one part of a person’s profile.  While the entire face contributes to the profile, the chin can determine the attractiveness of the profile.  Like noses, chins come in all shapes and sizes.  Chins can be broad and overly projected, or narrow and underprojected.  The good news is that these issues can be fixed!  Chin augmentation, which typically involves placement of a chin implant, can provide more width and projection to a slight chin.  Chin augmentation is one of the most common facial procedures and it can be safely performed under local anesthesia.  Like breast implants, chin implants come in a variety of sizes and widths.  To choose the correct size I take a number of measurements of the patient’s chin and jaw and then consider how much additional projection the patient needs or desires.  Often a chin implant is performed at the same time as rhinoplasty to treat the entire profile and restore harmony and symmetry to the face in a single procedure.


    Chins can also be reduced and or narrowed to improve the attractiveness of the profile.  Chin narrowing or chin reduction are feminizing procedures and are often performed in women who have broad, overly projected, or masculine appearing chins.  Chin narrowing is also performed as part of FFS (facial feminization surgery) along with rhinoplasty, cheek augmentation, glabellar and brow reduction, and tracheal shave procedures.

    I find that for patients with a slightly retruded chin, the placement of a chin implant under local anesthesia dramatically improves the overall attractiveness and symmetry of the face.  It’s an inexpensive procedure with minimal downtime & easy recovery that yields beautiful results.

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