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Questions to Ask Your Facelift Plastic Surgeon

The face is the most vital aspect of an individual’s aesthetic appearance. Therefore, when considering facelift cosmetic surgery, it is important to first focus on choosing the best possible facelift surgeon and asking the right questions during the pre-op consultation

A brow lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to reverse the effects of aging around the brows and restore youthful looking contours to the forehead skin and eyebrows. A sagging brow will create a poor facial expression and may

Brow lift is a relative minor cosmetic surgery procedure of the upper face, which is designed to reduce wrinkles and creases between the eyebrows and horizontal lines on the forehead. During the time of pre-op consultation, the surgeon will explain

Following an aesthetic procedure such as breast augmentation performed by a plastic surgeon, the patient needs a few days of undisturbed rest for complete healing and rejuvenation. The recovery can become quicker and easier, if the patient follows a few

Buttock augmentation is an intricate procedure requiring the skills of a cosmetic surgeon who has sufficient experience in body contouring procedures and who has an artistic eye to sculpt regular and natural looking outcomes. Dr. Paul McCluskey of the Plastic

Buttock augmentation is a delicate body contouring procedure to enhance the size of the rear end. The cosmetic surgeon should ensure symmetry of butt cheeks and natural looking results along with size increase. The procedure should ideally be performed by

A buttock augmentation procedure can be performed by a cosmetic surgeon using autologous fat transfer or synthetic butt implants. The decision will depend on the extent of buttock enhancement required, the availability of excess donor tissue in the patient’s body,

Buttock augmentation procedure is performed by a cosmetic surgeon to enhance the size and shape of the backside. Some patients may require substantial fat transfer to augment the buttock size, while some others may only need subtle enhancement. Potential risks

Buttock augmentation using fat transfer technique is now widely preferred because it involves smaller incisions, and produces more natural looking and resilient outcomes. During the initial consultation, the cosmetic surgeon will explain the steps involved in the butt surgery procedure.

Buttock augmentation is a lower body contouring procedure performed by a cosmetic surgeon to enhance the size, shape, and appearance of the rear ends. During the initial consultation, the surgeon will determine the patient’s candidacy for buttock augmentation and recommend