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    Video: Dr McCluskey’s Exercise of the Week!

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    Exercise of the Week

    ‘Bikini season’ may have officially ended this past weekend but health, fitness and feeling good about yourself is always in season! Here at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta we are focused on helping our patients feel beautiful and that starts inside! Starting this week we will be bringing you weekly exercise moves that Dr McCluskey will be trying out all week. So, whether you’re adding a move to regular routine or learning something totally new, join in with us and help to make a healthier, happier you!

    This week’s move: The Burpee

    Not everyone’s favorite move, the ‘burpee’ is a simple move that helps raise the heart rate, while working the legs, shoulders AND core! Simply follow these steps and Dr McCluskey’s video guide below and complete your first burpee!

    1. Take a standing position

    2. Lower in to a squat and place hands on floor either side of your feet

    3. Kick your feet back to a plank position

    4. Perform a push up then return to plank position

    5. Kick feet back up to a squat position

    6. Spring back up to a standing position, jump and clap your hands.

    That’s one burpee! Now set a timer for one minute and perform as many as you can, do this every day and see your improvement!

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    The Brazilian Butt Lift has exploded in popularity recently and for a pretty good reason: curves in all the right places!

    The procedure involves liposuction of problem areas like the stomach, lower back and the thighs, then the fat taken from these areas is purified and injected into the butt to give a fuller, rounder derriere. Patients are ecstatic with the results (like those seen below) and are keen to maintain their new flatter waistline and slimmer thighs, but when they go to the gym to maintain or even enhance their amazing new figure how do maintain their post-surgical curves?

    Brazilian Butt Lift | Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta

    In the first weeks after surgery it’s important that patients stay off their butt as much as possible but many can resume exercise in just three to four weeks with their surgeons permission. The best type of exercise to begin with is some low impact and toning exercises like squats, lunges and deadlifts that will help to continue to shape the legs and thighs while lifting the buttocks by tonging the hamstrings. In both lunges and squats it is important to maintain proper form to avoid adding any stress to joints. Important tips to remember are to keep the back straight and to keep the knee behind the toe as shown below.













    As the patient continue to heal these low impact workouts can increase to higher intensity by adding the use of weights and cardiovascular exercises that sculpt the legs and abs while increasing the size of the butt muscles to give an even greater result, give the booty a natural boost and improve all around health and fitness!

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    Lately I see more and more patients who are personal trainers, bodybuilders, or into more extreme fitness methods such as Crossfit, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts. When these patients are interested are in breast augmentation surgery they are understandably concerned about what affect implants could have on their lifestyle, so here are the main points to consider in this situationWomen strength: pink pair of dumbbells

    5 Principles for fitness fanatics:

    1. Submuscular implants – the implant is under the muscle but once the muscle heals the patient can perform any & all fitness activites.  In patients with low body fat and a paucity of breast tissue, implants which are placed above the muscle will look fake and “stuck-on”.  Submuscular implants look better, carry a lower risk of visible or palpable ripples, and have far fewer complications.
    2. Wear Support after Breast Augmentation.
    3. Allow time for the Pecs to heal.
    4. Perform postoperative breast massages
    5. Enjoy working out and looking great!

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    When you are recovering from rhinoplasty and busy admiring the beautiful results, you’ll probably feel inspired to feel even better about yourself by working out and eating right! Besides wanting to protect your brand new nose, when you’ve just had a rhinoplasty the idea of cardio and heavy breathing sounds like a nightmare! So where do you begin?


    During the first 2 weeks after rhinoplasty patients should avoid strenuous activity and sleep in a slightly inclined position.  This period of recovery is important because the nose has to heal and you want to minimize swelling.  But active patients won’t tolerate too much downtime.  Assuming the nose is healing nicely, rhinoplasty patients may begin brisk walking & light exercise two weeks after surgery.  One month after surgery patients may resume vigorous exercise and heavy lifting.


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