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    5 Facts on Breast Implants for Fitness Fanatics

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    Lately I see more and more patients who are personal trainers, bodybuilders, or into more extreme fitness methods such as Crossfit, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts. When these patients are interested are in breast augmentation surgery they are understandably concerned about what affect implants could have on their lifestyle, so here are the main points to consider in this situationWomen strength: pink pair of dumbbells

    5 Principles for fitness fanatics:

    1. Submuscular implants – the implant is under the muscle but once the muscle heals the patient can perform any & all fitness activites.  In patients with low body fat and a paucity of breast tissue, implants which are placed above the muscle will look fake and “stuck-on”.  Submuscular implants look better, carry a lower risk of visible or palpable ripples, and have far fewer complications.
    2. Wear Support after Breast Augmentation.
    3. Allow time for the Pecs to heal.
    4. Perform postoperative breast massages
    5. Enjoy working out and looking great!

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