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    Step-by-step Vertical Breast Lift

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    We’ve told you a lot about breast lifts (or augmentation mastopexy) and even talked you through the procedure and possible incisions. But some times the simplest way is best, so here is a step-by-step guide to breast lifts complete with photos (warning: graphic photos from an actual breast lift procedure are shown, not for the faint of heart).


    Step One: Marking the Patient

    As you can see below, before the procedure begins Dr McCluskey measures lines on the breast showing which excess skin should be removed and where the new nipple placement will be.


    The nipple is moved to a higher position to correct what is called ptosis (the kinder, gentler word for drooping or sagging) which occurs with age and can be worsened by weight loss, breastfeeding, or multiple pregnancies.

    Step Two: Making an Incision Around the Nipple

    This incision is also commonly used to reduce the size of the nipple which tend to grow larger as they are stretched by the sagging breast


    Then an incision around the excess skin that will be removed.


    Step Three: Excess Skin Removed

    In drooping or ptotic breasts there is essentially too much skin for the amount of breast tissue present so extra skin is removed to correct this ratio. In a breast lift the skin is removed but the breast tissue is preserved to give the patient plenty of volume afterward.  (Don’t worry this is as bad as the pictures get!)


    Step Four: Remaining Skin is Closed Around the Newly Positioned Nipple

    Here we can begin to see the newly lifted breast beginning to take shape!


    Dr McCluskey carefully sutures the skin together to give the best final result possible.  You will notice that the skin is gathered in places, especially in the area of the breast fold.  This gathering is necessary to minimize the incisions and as the skin heals these small wrinkles will smooth out and the only visible scar will be a small, fine line.


    Step Five: Recovery

    Now that the patients breasts have been lifted and excess skin has been removed the next, and equally important step, is recovery. By following Dr McCluskey’s recovery instructions the patient will see the best possible results in her more youthful breasts!

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