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    Otoplasty (Ear Surgery) Before and After Photo

    Sometimes a subtle change is all that is needed to boost a patients confidence. Ear surgery can correct a range of aesthetic issues.  The appearance of large ears, not in proportion to the face and prominent ears which protrude too far from the face can both be dramatically improved through a relatively simple office procedure which is performed under local anesthesia   Prominent ears can have a huge negative impact on a person’s self esteem – I’ve seen patients go to extreme measures to hide prominent ears.  Otoplasty surgery, or ear-pinning, is a safe procedure with beautiful results that patients love to show off.



    The procedure involves making a small, well hidden incision behind the ear.  The cartilage in the central part of the ear forms a bowl, and part of this cartilage is removed to lessen the protrusion of the ear.  Specialized suture techniques are used to then “pin” the ear so that it sits flatter against the head.  The incision behind the ear is closed with absorbable sutures and after the procedure the ear is bandaged and a headband is placed to help hold the ear in the pinned-back position while it heals.

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