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    BodySculp Laser Lipolysis: A Nonsurgical Body-Contouring Treatment

    BodySculp Laser Lipolysis

    BodySculp is a safe, effective, and noninvasive treatment using diode laser energy for permanently destroying fat cells. The treatment is a suitable alternative to traditional liposuction procedures that involved an invasive approach. BodySculp has no downtime.

    There are four diode laser applicators in this device. Laser energy is used for penetrating the subcutaneous layer without harming the surrounding tissue or dermis. Fat cells are eliminated through the body’s natural lymphatic movements.

    The Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta (PSI), led by plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey, provides BodySculp laser lipolysis non-surgical body contouring treatment to patients in Atlanta, Marietta, Georgia, and surrounding communities.

    Advantages of BodySculp

    • No downtime
    • Nonsurgical fat loss
    • Fat cells don’t return
    • Eliminate flank and belly fat

    How BodySculp Works

    The four diode laser applicators in BodySculp deliver laser energy in the hypodermis. It effectively penetrates the skin for targeting adipose tissue without harming the surface of the skin. Disrupted fat cells are removed by the body’s natural lymphatic system. Lipolysis is achieved by each diode laser applicator in a safe, effective, and comfortable manner.

    BodySculp laser energy penetrates the skin to heat fat cells and not body tissue. The body flushes out damaged tissue and cells through the lymphatic system.

    Traditional Surgery vs. BodySculp

    BodySculp has a major advantage over traditional surgery in the form of precision, comfort, safety, and zero downtime. You don’t need to go under the knife to see natural looking results. There are no risks associated with traditional surgery, such as general anesthesia. You don’t need to worry about painful stitches or post-surgical infection. Traditional surgery results in severe bruising, which is not a concern with BodySculp. There are almost no side effects to the procedure.

    BodySculp Fat Reduction Procedure

    The treatment provider will first customize the BodySculp device as per your unique needs when you first arrive for the procedure. The device has a cooling system for ensuring patient comfort and minimizing pain. You will be asked to lay back and relax while the treatment providers carried out this non-invasive fat reduction procedure. You should be done with the session in just about an hour.

    Results will continue to appear over the course of 12 weeks. Your body will banish fat cells through this laser fat reduction process using the lymphatic system. There is no scalpel or painful surgery involved with BodySculp. Some patients choose to get multiple procedures performed during the year for enhanced results.

    BodySculp Results

    A single session would result in 24% fat reduction at the treated area on an average. Complete results may need 6 – 8 weeks to become visible following the last treatment. Fat cells destroyed during laser procedure don’t regenerate.

    You should be able to maintain your desired fat reduction by following a healthy exercise routine and diet. Patients treated with BodySculp should not have a BMI (body mass index) more than 32. This procedure is not meant for weight loss in case of substantial obesity.

    Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Marietta, Georgia, and nearby areas for BodySculp laser lipolysis non-surgical body contouring treatment.

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