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    Do you have stubborn pockets of fat that won’t go away with diet or exercise? PSI offers you a completely non-surgical solution to eliminate unwanted fat deposits from targeted areas: BodySculp. This innovative body contouring treatment is ideally suited if you want to avoid invasive liposuction plastic surgery, and yet achieve a slimmer and sculpted figure. 

    BodySculp harnesses the power of diode-laser energy to remove the fat cells from the targeted areas without any cuts, incisions, or scarring. The advanced 1060nm diode-laser technology will produce dramatic body reshaping results without causing any damage to the surrounding healthy tissue. The best part is the fat cells once destroyed with BodySculp are gone for good, and will not reappear in the treated sites later on. 

    Benefits of BodySculp Treatment

    • Cutting-edge technology for fat loss through laser lipolysis 
    • Complete safe, non-invasive treatment performed in-office 
    • Highly effective for fat reduction in the abdomen and love handles
    • No downtime involved – resume your daily routine the same day
    • Quick treatment sessions usually lasting less than 30 minutes 
    • Comfortable treatment experience for most patients 
    • Achieves permanent fat elimination in the treated areas
    • Highly safe and proven FDA-cleared treatment  

    How does BodySculp Work?

    The unique BodySculp device comes with four diode-laser energy applicators. Our trained laser lipolysis aesthetician will focus the applicators in the affected area with precision. As the heat energy from the laser penetrates into the deeper dermis layers, it will disrupt the fat cells, causing them to disintegrate. The destroyed fat will be removed through the body’s natural lymphatic system over a few weeks, leaving behind shapely and youthful body contours. 

    The 1060nm diode-laser wavelength will only kill the targeted fat cells, and cause no damage to the healthy cells and surrounding tissue. Each laser applicator is designed to perform the non-surgical lipolysis as safely, comfortably and effective as possible. As the damaged fat cells exit the body, you will start noticing enhanced body contours over two to six weeks. Maximum results are usually achieved at three months after your BodySculp treatment.

    What Makes BodySculp Stand Out?

    Many patients are choosing BodySculp non-invasive laser lipolysis for these reasons: 

    • Natural Looking Results: Unlike liposuction plastic surgery, the body contouring results with BodySculp are more subtle, natural looking and develop gradually. You can complete your treatment sessions discreetly because no post-op recovery is involved. You may return to work or even go to the fitness center right after your BodySculp treatment session. 
    • Quick and Convenient: One treatment cycle of BodySculp may only require 25 minutes to complete for most patients. Laser energy heating cycles are segregated into two phases: Build and Sustain. It requires just four minutes with the Build mode to get the affected fatty tissue to the required level. Thereafter, the Sustain mode will take 21 minutes of sequenced laser exposure for best outcomes. 
    • Maximum Patient Comfort: Unlike some aggressive lasers, the BodySculp diode laser procedure is safer and more comfortable. In a research study involving 30 participants who underwent laser lipolysis for the belly or flanks, nine out of 10 patients reported that they found the treatment to be comfortable. 

    Mild redness and soreness in the treated sites is expected after your BodySculp treatment session. The redness will disappear in just a few hours, while the soreness will resolve on its own within 24 hours.