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    Your Breast Implant Removal Surgery Consultation

    Your Breast Implant Removal Surgery Consultation | Atlanta | RoswellFor women who are unhappy with the final aesthetic outcome of their breast implant surgery, or those who experience post-surgical complications with implants may be candidates for saline or silicone breast implant removal surgery. This removal surgery could be medically advised if the primary breast augmentation was not performed correctly. 

    During the pre-op consultation, the surgeon will address all issues related to breast implant removal and reassure the patient about her concerns. Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides breast implant removal to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and surrounding communities. 


    Goals and Expectations

    During the consultation, the surgeon will try to understand the patient’s specific cosmetic goals and expectations from breast implant removal surgery. They will take these inputs into account while preparing a custom surgical plan to meet her unique needs. 

    To help the patient develop realistic expectations, the surgeon will encourage her to take a look at breast implant removal before and after photos of past patients. The surgeon will also advise the patient to decide about her surgery without any influence or pressure from someone else.

    Well-informed patients are usually able to make a more enlightened decision on breast implant removal surgery and are likely to obtain higher levels of satisfaction as well.


    Implant Removal or Replacement

    The surgeon will evaluate why the original breast implants developed complications and advise the patient on an appropriate course of action. If the patient chooses to have breast implant replacement, this procedure will be carried out at the same time with the breast implant removal surgery.

    If the patient only wants her implants removed (without replacement), the surgeon may advise her additional options such as breast lift surgery. This procedure can be performed simultaneously with the breast implant removal surgery. Before the surgery, the surgeon will evaluate the implants and the surrounding tissue for leakage, inflammation, infection, and rupture.


    Candidacy for En Bloc Capsulectomy 

    A priority for the surgeon during a breast implant removal consultation is establishing the patient as a candidate for this procedure. The surgeon will perform a general medical examination and assess the breast anatomy, skin texture, and elasticity. They will also try to determine whether a full or partial capsulectomy or an en bloc capsulectomy may be the most appropriate technique of breast implant removal for the patient. 

    In addition, the surgeon will evaluate the medical and surgical history of the patient and may order medical tests, if required. They will incorporate the aesthetic goals of the patient into the breast surgery plan. 


    Pre-op Instructions

    During the consultation, the surgeon will give clear instructions about refraining from smoking for a certain time period prior to the surgery. A few prescription or non-prescription medications and supplements may also be temporarily stopped or their schedules altered in consultation with the physician. 


    Questions to Ask

    The patient should ideally prepare a comprehensive list of questions that they wish to ask from the surgeon during the consultation. The patient may also request for access to testimonials of past patients to learn about their experience with the surgeon. Some patients may also like to talk to the staff members and take a tour of the office to increase their familiarity with the practice.

    Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and nearby areas for breast implant removal.  

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