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    Breast Implant Removal Surgery Cost

    Breast Implant Removal Surgery Cost | Atlanta Plastic Surgery | RoswellWomen who are dissatisfied with the results of their primary breast augmentation surgery or the ones who may develop implant complications later on may require breast implant removal. 

    During the pre-operative consultation, the surgeon will discuss all aspects of breast implant removal surgery with the patient, including the estimated cost. Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides breast implant removal to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and surrounding locations.


    Cost Variations

    The sticker price of breast implant removal surgery may differ between patients based on the complexity of the procedure. At times, implant removal surgery may be more complicated than the original breast augmentation. As a result, it could cost more than the primary surgery.

    If there was an error on the surgeon’s part when the original implantation was done, they may choose to perform the implant removal surgery at a rebate or at no cost to the patient. The patient should understand the policies of the particular practice regarding revision procedures before proceeding with a breast implant procedure. 

    The implant removal surgery cost will also depend on whether the patient needs implant replacement. A breast implant removal without replacement typically involves breast lift surgery as an additional procedure, which will lead to a higher procedure financial impact. 

    If the patient chooses to undergo an implant replacement, the procedure will include the costs of new implants. If the implants were damaged within the warranty period, the implant manufacturer may provide a free replacement. 


    Breast Implant Removal with a Breast Lift

    Breast implants can stretch the skin tissue over time, causing sagging breasts. Patients who wish to restore their natural breast appearance at a later stage may require a breast lift in conjunction with implant removal. 

    This procedure should only be undertaken by an experienced cosmetic surgeon for desirable results after the implant removal. If the patient undergoes the breast implant removal along with a breast lift, the fees of the surgeon and other costs related to the surgical venue and recovery may be marginally higher. 


    Additional Cost Factors

    Depending on their geographical location, breast implant removal cost may differ from one practice to another. The real estate and overhead costs are often higher in major destinations, busy urban centers, and cities along the coast. In these areas, the average cost of products and services will be higher, including the cost of plastic surgery services. 

    If the procedure is performed using general anesthesia, the breast implant removal costs will include the fees of an anesthesiologist or a certified anesthetic nurse. The charges will vary according to the experience and qualification of these medical professionals. 

    The breast implant removal surgery may be performed at an accredited surgical center, a private surgical suite, or a hospital. The costs and benefits associated with each option will be different.

    The breast implant removal procedure also involves pre and post-surgical expenses, such as those pertaining to prescription drugs, medical exam, mammograms, follow-up appointments, and surgical accessories. These expenses may look minor at the outset, but they can add up to a significant amount and should be included as a part of the cost estimate.

    Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and nearby areas for breast implant removal.  

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