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    Before and After Photo: Brazilian Butt Lift

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    The Brazilian Butt Lift has taken the world by storm with some reports suggesting a 16% increase in the number of people undergoing the procedure in 2014! This simple procedure which sees slimming of the stomach, thighs, and lower back through liposuction, and an increase size in the buttocks through fat transfer is fast becoming one of the top procedures in the US.

    As you can see in the amazing before and after photo below the results are a smooth, more youthful body shape that is closer to the hourglass silhouette that many patients desire. You can see Dr McCluskey explain the Brazilian Butt Lift step-by-step in a short video you can watch here!


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    Slimmer Thighs | Thigh Liposuction | Plastic Surgery Atlanta | RoswellThighs are a long time problem area for many patients of all shapes and sizes. Thighs can be slimmed through exercise, however the inner thigh, particularly the upper inner thigh, is an area that many women carry fat in which can be helped significantly with liposuction. With the excellent results liposuction of this area can produce, slimmer thighs are a realistic expectation. In older patients, excess skin can also be a factor in the thighs looking larger than they really are. In the case of excess skin a thigh lift can be performed to remove any excess skin and further the slimming of the thighs, which is the optimal result for many patients. In younger patients a thigh lift is very rarely required so liposuction is effectively used to create a slimmer inner thigh. The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia with a very limited down time before patients can return to their normal activity and exercise routines.

    Through Instagram, The Chive and other social media platforms, we have seen the rise of an obsession with the ‘thigh gap’ especially in younger patients. Up until recently many of us were blissfully unaware of thigh gaps and had no idea they were a desirable trait. Many women have long been unhappy with the size of their thighs, but now a frequent question in consultation is  “How do I get a thigh gap?” A thigh gap is a characteristic that is determined solely by your body type, and while slimming the thighs through liposuction or exercise may produce a “gap” it is not something that can be guaranteed through surgery. If a patients goal is simply to slim the thighs then liposuction with a possible thigh lift is sure to meet or even exceed their expectations!

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