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    Shaped “Gummy Bear” Breast Implants

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    Introducing…Breast Implants Surgery Atlanta GA | Plastic Surgeon | Augmentation

    The Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta is happy to announce that we now offer shaped implants to our patients! Mentor Memory Shape Implants are teardrop shaped silicone implants that more closely mimic the shape of a natural breast, creating a more natural silhouette after surgery.

    Which Patients Are Suited to Shaped Implants?

    Commonly called “gummy bear” implants, shaped implants are perfect for people looking for breast augmentation with the most natural-looking results possible. They are also suitable for patients who are beginning their augmentation with very low amounts of breast tissue. However, all patients are different and are looking to achieve different results. While many women want a breast augmentation that looks as natural as possible, many women seek the full upper breast projection or augmented look that traditional implants can provide.

    How Do You Know Which Implant Is Right For You?

    The best way to decide which type of implant will give you the results you desire is to discuss your options and goals with a Plastic Surgeon. At the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta we offer free consultations that allow rexusa-1414627athe patient the time to discuss their goals and use Dr McCluskey’s professional opinion and expertise to select the right implants. We also offer the Mentor BodyLogic System which allows patients to try wearing prosthetic implants over their breast to create a better understanding of how their breasts will look after augmentation.

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    There is no shortage of options available when it comes to breast implants,  so at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta we think it’s important for you to be aware of them all! Anatomically shaped breast implants are an alternative to the usual round implants and can help you to achieve a more natural shape with your breast augmentation.

    Anatomical breast implants are filled with a cohesive silicone gel and have a flatter upper pole with more volume towards the lower breast curve just like a natural breast. Anatomical breast implants are available in different sizes with different projections, to add the right amount of projection to the breast where desired. Anatomical breast implants have a textured surface which adheres to the surrounding tissue after insertion to minimize implant rotation, a possible issue not associated with round implants.

    Due to their distributed volume, anatomical breast implants may be more suited to women who are slim, have moderate breast tissue, desire a natural looking breast and don’t wish to have the fuller upper breast shape associated with round breast implants. If you think that anatomical breast implants may be right for your breast augmentation, Dr McCluskey will discuss all the options available to you at your consultation.

    Here’s Dr. McCluskey’s take on anatomical breast implants:

    “Anatomic or teardrop shaped implants seem to make a lot of sense for breast augmentation.  The normal breast has a teardrop shape so creating a shaped implant with a similar shape to the breast is intuitive.  That said, I don’t use the shaped implants for breast augmentation.  Most of my patients, especially women with mild breast ptosis (droop) wish to have more fullness in the upper pole (upper part of the chest/breast).  Like most plastic surgeons I have extensive experience with round breast implants and I haven’t found a need use shaped or anatomic implants.  In my opinion the shaped implants do not offer any advantage over round implants.

    Another issue with placing shaped or anatomic implants involves the breast pocket.  When using shaped implants the pocket must be carefully and precisely created.  If the pocket is too wide, the shaped implant will have room to rotate or flip and the larger part of the teardrop could end up in the upper chest giving the breast an odd or deformed appearance.  With a round implant a slightly larger pocket gives the implant more mobility, like that of a natural breast, and the implant can rotate freely without any changes in appearance.

    I fully applaud & support efforts to improve implant construction and technology.  Breast implants are patient specific and certainly one size does not fit all.  I currently prefer round implants for breast augmentation.  I’m open to trying any improvements on the currently available & FDA approved breast implants but we have a very high satisfaction rate with round silicone gel and saline implants.”

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