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    Mommy Makeover: Before and After

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    A Mommy Makeover deals with all the problem areas that are associated with child bearing. The most common procedures for a mommy makeover are Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck and Liposuction. This patient had previously undergone Breast Augmentation, and returned foe a Tummy Tuck with Liposuction. The main goals of a Tummy Tuck are to remove excess skin, tighten the abdominal wall which becomes stretched during pregnancy, and create a smooth, defined waist. As you can see this patient achieved all these things with Dr McCluskey for a beautiful result and all surgical incisions hidden below the panty line. To see Dr McCluskey perform a Tummy Tuck you can visit our YouTube channel!






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    The Mommy Makeover is a popular procedure that helps women return to their ‘pre-baby body’ by combing procedures that address each individuals concerns. Even with a healthy lifestyle including balanced diet and exercise there are some changes that childbearing causes that cannot be reversed without surgery. Pregnancy creates abdominal wall separation, sagging skin and stretch marks that can be reduced with a Tummy Tuck. Fat deposits and problem areas can be remedied using liposuction. Breastfeeding also causes reduced breast volume and sagging that can be addressed using either Breast Augmentation or a Breast Lift.

    This patient received a beautiful transformation by combining a Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation and Liposuction with Dr McCluskey. As you can see below there is greater waist definition, fuller breast volume and a flat stomach that would have been impossible through diet and exercise alone.





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    Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery 

    butt augmentationAbdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery procedure performed to reduce looseness or drooping of skin near the abdominal area. Weakness in abdomen area as a result of pregnancy or weight loss can also be cured by tummy tuck surgery. So it is helpful to achieve firmness in body posture.

    Diet or exercise cannot always be effective due to other existing conditions of the body. Excess of fat cells and tissues might still remain in the body unaffected by vigorous exercise routine. Tummy tuck surgery can also help to remove these excess of tissues and achieve a fine contour in that area of the body.

    Types of tummy tuck

    Tummy tuck surgery contains variety of procedures each of which are designed to target specific area of the body and even specific tissues. Generally, a plastic surgeon would tighten the abdominal muscles by removing the fat deposits. There are different stages of aspects of the surgery though, which can be customized specific to the needs of a particular patient.

    A cosmetic surgeon with considerable experience will be able to provide the much needed counseling that most patients would like to take before the surgery. The process will begin when there is an agreement between the surgeon and the patient over the treatment plan. That way the patient and even the surgeon will be more confident about positive results. The plastic surgeon will also guide the patients in the recovery stage, which usually lasts for about a week or a month.

    Who can undergo tummy tuck plastic surgery?

    Candidates for abdominoplasty will have:

    1. Loose skin around the abdomen.
    2. Fat near the abdomen.
    3. Expectations to improve their physique.

    The requirements are:

    1. Commitment to a stabilized diet and exercise routine.
    2. A good health overall.

    Candidates who wish to undergo abdominoplasty should not:

    1. Have any serious conditions which can be worsened by the surgery.
    2. Have any expectation for pregnancy.
    3. Have any bad habits such as smoking and drinking.

    Ideally, the candidate for tummy tuck must be an adult who has a body weight that is close to the ideal value but the abdominal region was not quite affected by vigorous exercise and diet.

    Cost of abdominoplasty

    Cost can vary significantly depending on the patient’s needs. Generally, it falls anywhere in the range of $3,000 to $12,000. It also depends upon the type of tummy tuck procedure and the surgeon. Experienced surgeons like Dr. Paul McCluskey in Atlanta, GA with good reputation offer safe tummy tuck procedures and take complete care of their patients. Additional factors such as the use of technology and choice of anesthesia will also affect the cost of operation.

    Since the treatment is by nature a cosmetic surgery, it isn’t covered by insurance but some assistance can be expected from private financiers who have tied up with the surgeon. Some surgeons also offer their own financing options.

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    The Tummy Tuck is a procedure to remove excess fat and skin from the abdomen, flattening and contouring the stomach to create a more youthful, hourglass shape. Many women experience excess skin and separation of the abdominal wall due to weight gain and following pregnancy, despite exercise and a healthy lifestyle the smoothness of the stomach can be almost impossible to regain with out the help of surgery. During a Tummy Tuck Dr McCluskey creates an internal corset to bring the abdominal wall back together, performs liposuction to create a more hourglass figure, and removes excess skin. As can be seen below the results are beautiful and has been described by patients as “life changing”, many patients experience a boost in self esteem and confidence following the procedure. The single scar lies below the panty line and becomes less visible with time. You can watch Dr McCluskey perform a Tummy Tuck here!



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    shutterstock_42670630Your body dramatically changes post-pregnancy, and what was once so flattering, seems far from beautiful all of a sudden. No doubt, the little bundle of joy in your life, makes you feel like every ounce of it was worth it, but what if you could have your cake and eat it too? Mommy makeover has become a popular cosmetic surgery that many moms are opting for, to revive their bodies into the much envied youthful shape.

    Mommy makeover – many surgeries tied into one

    After pregnancy, your tummy, breasts and thighs, all seem to take to a new shape, and a not so flattering one at that. The mommy makeover procedure aims at correcting these changes to achieve  a desirable shape. Here are common procedures that are conducted as a part of the mommy makeover package:

    • Tummy tuck A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, helps in getting rid of flab, in a way easier fashion when compared to traditional workouts. The plastic surgeon removes the excess skin in the belly area and tightens the abdomen walls, while in some cases the naval may be repositioned too.
    • Liposuction-During this procedure, the excess fat in the body is sucked out through various techniques. The new-age methods use ultrasound to breakdown the fat, before removing it from the body. This is particularly helpful when dealing with stubborn fat which won’t react to rigorous diet regimes or exercise.
    • Breast augmentation– This surgery involves enhancing breasts that have lost volume post-pregnancy, by placing silicone or saline implants. Although the surgical results are long-lasting, you may have to get them replaced a few years down the line.
    • Breast-lift– Poorly shaped, droopy breasts, can be corrected through a breast-lift surgery. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon removes excess skin and lifts the breast tissue, to make the breasts appear firm. The areolae and nipples are moved as well, and sometimes reduced in size.

    How much do mommy makeovers cost?

    The costs for mommy makeover procedures vary from one surgeon to the other. The credibility and expertise of the surgeon play major roles in affecting the cost, says Dr. Paul McCluskey, who is a reputed plastic surgeon of Atlanta, GA. Although compromising on a good cosmetic surgeon purely based on the cost concerns, is not the best of ideas. Narrow down on a surgeon who operates in and around your budget, while keeping a tab on the experience too. Another factor that affects the cost is the geographical location of your surgical facility. Adding to this cost, expenses creep in as anesthetician’s fee, post-surgery garments, prescribed medications and lab tests conducted prior to the surgery.

    A tummy tuck procedure, which gives you a narrower waistline and a flat belly, has an average cost of $5,350. The average cost of a liposuction procedure is $2,900. A breast augmentation surgery has an average cost of $3,500 to $ 4,000, while a breast lift can cost around $ 4,300. You can always check with your cosmetic surgeon to see if he/she offers financing options. While health insurance claims in these surgeries are rarely heard of, financing plans are quite prominent.

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    We know you’ve heard us talk about the absolutely amazing results that our tummy tuck patients receive before, but it’s they’re so great we just can’t help ourselves!

    The procedure involves removing excess, sagging skin from the abdomen, tightening the abdominal muscles, and performing liposuction to sculpt the waist. You can see Dr McCluskey explain each step of the procedure here, or you can watch the procedure from Dr McCluskey’s point of view here!



    Can you imagine seeing the beautiful results above on your own body?

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    Mommy Makeover Costs

    Atlanta Mommy Makeover Cost | Liposuction | Breast Reduction | Tummy TuckBecoming a mom is certainly a beautiful experience, but the drastic physical changes that come with it are not that flattering. Be it sagging breasts from breast-feeding or unwanted fat around the tummy, the body undergoes noticeable changes post-pregnancy which take away the youthful demeanor of the body. While women earlier, learned to live with these changes as a natural course that the body takes, the advanced surgical procedures available these days have allowed moms to enjoy the best of both worlds!

    Common mommy makeover procedures

    The range of body contouring surgical procedures offered today can help you bounce back post-pregnancy with as much ease as most celebrities do. Unlike the never-ending grueling weight loss programs, a plastic surgeon can sculpt your body back to its youthful shape real quick. Here are some popular procedures that moms today opt for:

    • Liposuction: In this procedure, tiny incisions are made in the skin so that a surgical tube can be inserted. Various methods are used to break down the fat cells in this region. Few stubborn fat cells present in the area are physically removed through the hollow tube. This helps in sculpting the body to the desired shape. It can be used to tone down the fat in the abdomen, waist, thighs, hips and buttocks.
    • Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck): More commonly referred to as the “tummy tuck”, this procedure involves repairing the muscles that are separated out by stitching them together. It also involves removing excess tissues in the tummy area so as to tighten the skin and give it a smoother and firmer look.
    • Breast lift: Sagging breasts, stretched areolas and disproportionate breasts are a common occurrence post-pregnancy. A breast lift procedure helps in correcting all these changes. It involves removing the excess tissues and tightening the loose skin to give it a fine contour. The position of the breasts and  areolas are lifted during this procedure. Many a times, it is combined with breast implant procedures to add more volume to the breasts.
    • Breast reduction: A woman’s breasts swell up during pregnancy. While they naturally reduce in size over time in most cases, some of them continue to be oversized. This can cause a lot of discomfort. Breast reduction procedures involve removing the excess fat tissues and tightening the skin. This improves the patient’s skeletal stability, lung function, physical functioning and sleep patterns.

    How much does a mommy makeover cost?

    The expenses that come with these procedures vary across different facilities. The nature of surgical procedure, plastic surgeon’s experience, nature of the surgical facility, are few of the factors that affect the overall cost. Geographical location can play a major role in determining the cost of the procedure too. The aspects that are to be considered while narrowing down on procedural expenses are:

    • Cosmetic surgeon fee
    • Anesthesia fee
    • Prescribed medication costs
    • Hospital facility costs
    • Medical tests fee

    Most women feel that the cost of these makeover procedures is a small price to pay to revive their youthful state and happiness.

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    Abdominoplasty (tummy Tuck) Atlanta

    Abdominoplasty (tummy Tuck) AtlantaDr. Paul McCluskey M.D. is a cosmetic surgeon who practices in Atlanta, Georgia. He specializes in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery of the skin. His most well known skill is abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. It is essentially a surgical procedure that trims the fat in the abdominal area and makes the patient look slimmer. It is helpful for those patients who are unable to lose weight.

    About Abdominoplasty

    Today, many people suffer from obesity and the most common symptom of this is fat deposit in the abdominal area. In the long run, it can affect the skin and cause major health problems. It is best to seek treatment as soon as possible. The best available treatment is abdominoplasty and Dr. Paul McCluskey is an expert in this procedure and is quite well regarded in Atlanta.

    He has many years of experience in this field and has already performed many successful surgeries. He has also improved the procedure through his own observations to make it safer for patients. He recommends the procedure for anyone who is unable to reduce his body fat despite exercise or diet changes.

    Benefits of the procedure

    The procedure is minimally invasive and only requires a short hospital stay. In this procedure, the fat is surgically removed and the skin is restored to its original condition. As a result, the patient appears slimmer and healthier than before. The procedure is currently available only in a few locations and has already benefited many people.

    The surgery has been developed through years of research and has been proven to be effective by countless trials. It has allowed many patients to reduce their weight and return to a normal and healthy life. It is best to get the procedure performed in middle age as it is not recommended for children or for the elderly. Many of the patients are quite satisfied with the procedure and its results.


    Obesity is a major health epidemic. While it is possible for some people to solve the problem of obesity by exercise and by regulating their diet, it is not possible for everyone to do it. Some people can only get rid of their obesity through surgical procedure. This is known as abdominoplasty and is quite effective. It can be performed by plastic surgeons and produces the desired results almost immediately.

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