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    Preparing For Brow Lift Surgery

    Preparing For Brow Lift SurgeryAstute preparation will lay the foundation for a safe and predictable brow lift cosmetic surgery. The surgeon will provide comprehensive pre-operative instructions, address any questions or concerns the patient may have, understand their health history in-depth, and conduct a physical examination to determine a patient’s candidacy for a brow lift surgery.

    Experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides brow lift to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and surrounding locations.

    Arranging Health Records

    The patient should arrange for their physician, hospital, and specialists to mail the previous health records to the surgeon’s office for evaluation during the consultation. This exercise can be completed in advance to save time ahead of the surgery.

    Diet and Exercise Regimen

    Brow lift is a relatively minor cosmetic surgery. Nevertheless, the patient should focus on a well-balanced diet and an appropriate exercise routine before the surgery in order to improve physical resilience. If a patient is fit, it enables them to be mentally and physically better prepared for the surgery.

    Furthermore, they will respond to the anesthesia and surgery better while requiring less recovery time. The patient can also consult a nutritionist to increase the amount of lean protein in their diet for certain duration before and after the brow lift surgery.

    Preparatory Instructions

    Pre-op instructions for the patient may include:

    • In case the patient smokes, the surgeon will ask them to discontinue at least six weeks prior to the procedure.
    • The patient may have to restrict alcohol consumption and refrain from taking certain medications.
    • If the patient routinely intakes aspiring or other anti-inflammatory meds, the surgeon will ask them to discontinue for a specific duration before the procedure.
    • Hydration is vital for post-surgical recovery for any surgery.
    • If the patient has short hair, they may want to grow it out to hide any visible scars.
    • The patient must arrange for someone to drive them to the surgical venue and back home after the procedure.
    • The patient should arrange for a caregiver for the first night after the surgery. If possible, this arrangement should be made for two days.
    • Fill all prescriptions ahead of the surgery.
    • The recovery area should be set-up before the procedure. The patient should be able to access fluids, pillows for elevating the head, pre-cooked meals, and reading materials as well as other sources of entertainment.
    • The patient should prepare ice-packs. On top of this, frozen vegetables also work well to reduce inflammation after the surgery.
    • Ensure there are extra pillows for head elevation.

    The surgeon may ask the patient to avoid eating and drinking for about eight hours prior to the surgery depending on the method of anesthesia. The patient should choose comfortable, loose clothing for the surgery with no piercings or jewelry.

    Patients must be clean, and without makeup, deodorants, lotions or creams. They should also avoid nail paint as it can cause faulty readings of the pulse on the oximeter which indicates the oxygen saturation during the procedure.

    Transportation and Aftercare

    The brow lift is usually an out-patient procedure. Therefore, the patient should arrange for someone to drive them home after the surgery. They may also need to arrange aftercare for some days after the brow lift, especially if they have small kids at home.

    Dedicated plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and nearby areas for a brow lift.

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