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    My Breast Augmentation Experience

    One of our patients kindly decided to describe her breast augmentation experience at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta.

    “I debated for years before I finally decided to undergo a breast augmentation with Dr. McCluskey.  Plastic surgery was not something I felt desperate for, nor did I think it would change my life. I was always unhappy with my breast size. As a kid I was made fun of by my childhood friends for not developing when they did. As a cheerleader I used to stuff my sports bra so that I wouldn’t look weird in my uniform. Thankfully, these insecurities never caused me to fear going out in public like other women I have seen undergo breast augmentation.  As I got older I was confident enough with my body yet I wanted breasts. Not huge breasts but larger ones that could give me an added curve to my body on top. Even pregnancy did not enlarge my breasts.   Pregnancy was the one thing I thought for sure would take me out of my training bra finally into a bra for the adult female. Go figure. During my consult with Dr. McCluskey I felt extremely comfortable and he was so kind to answer all of my questions. My experiences with other offices weren’t as easy. I felt a lot of the doctors seemed rushed. I was able to get all the information available about implants from the different kinds (saline and silicone gel) to what my post op experience would be. The day of my surgery could not have gone more smoothly. Dr. McCluskey’s entire staff was extremely helpful and attentive to my needs.  Any surgical procedure is scary and it was wonderful having the kind of patient care his staff gives.

     I went with an implant size (350cc Hi Profile Gel) that looked more natural. I did not want many people to know I even had the surgery done. The fake look was not my goal. I just wanted to finally wear that Victoria’s Secret 34C bra I eyed for so long. And four weeks after my surgery when I tried on that bra in the VS dressing room I was satisfied. I continue to be in love and happy with my breasts. My fiancé loves them too!! Thank you Dr. McCluskey and the entire staff at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta!”

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