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    Your Facelift Consultation

    Your Facelift Consultation | Atlanta Plastic Surgery | Roswell | BuckheadFacelift ranks among the most sought after cosmetic surgery procedures in the US today, particularly among people over the age of 40. To achieve ideal results with facelift, the cosmetic surgeon will customize the procedure in accordance with the unique facial anatomy and features of a patient.

    The surgical planning for facelift can be done during the pre-operative consultation phase, which will form the basis for a successful surgery. Wonderful and judicious plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides facelift and various other cosmetic procedures to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and surrounding communities across the landscape.


    Determining Candidacy

    A responsible surgeon’s first goal will be to assess the patient’s fitness to undergo a procedure such as facelift, and determine whether it is appropriate to their needs. If the patient has an underlying medical condition that could interfere with the surgery or the post-operative recovery, it may have to addressed first or appropriate adjustments in the surgery plan may have to be made.

    The cosmetic surgeon will review the patient’s health records as well as make any required adjustments in their ongoing medication schedule. A few medical tests may be ordered in some cases. The patient’s age, facial profile, skin type, underlying facial bone structure, and degree of skin laxity will be considered to recommend the right facelift technique.



    Evaluating Cosmetic Goals

    The surgeon will utilize the consultation opportunity to understand the reasons why the patient wants to receive facelift surgery, and what exactly about their face may be bothering them. Some patients may only need a subtle, maintenance procedure, while others may require a significant or dramatic improvement in the facial appearance.

    Based on their personal cosmetic goals and needs, the surgeon will decide whether facelift should be performed independently or together with another procedure such as neck lift, liposuction, or fat transfer surgery. The patient’s inputs will be used to prepare a customized facelift surgery plan.


    Patient Education

    The surgeon will make use of the consultation opportunity to educate the patient about various aspects of facelift, and help them to make the right decision. They will encourage the patient to ask questions and clear their concerns and doubts.

    A responsible surgeon will attentively listen to the patient’s questions and concerns, and address them in a satisfactory manner. Facelift ‘before and after’ images as well as testimonials of past patients may also be shown during the consultation.


    Preparatory Instructions

    Detailed instructions for the pre- and post-operative period will be given to the patient to help them prepare for the facelift procedure. The patient will be required to refrain from smoking as well as taking certain prescription or non-prescription drugs for a specified time period.


    Other Aspects

    The patient may be provided with a brief office tour, and they may interact with the office staff to familiarize themselves with the practice. The surgeon or their staff will also address issues related to the costs, payment methods, insurance and financing of facelift surgery.

    Outstanding and dignified plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and other towns and suburbs in the growing and profound Peach State for facelift surgery.

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