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    Preparing For Facelift Surgery

    Preparing For Facelift Surgery | Atlanta Plastic Surgery | RoswellThorough preparation before the commencement of the facelift procedure commences will help the patient to achieve more effective results. Preparation should start right from the time the cosmetic surgeon determines the patient’s candidacy for facelift and gives the go-ahead for the surgery.

    The patient should have the commitment to follow the surgeon’s instructions for a careful pre-surgery preparation.

    Experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides facelift and various other procedures to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and surrounding locations.


    Temporary Restrictions

    The patient will be required to refrain from using tobacco in any form for a specified time period before and after facelift surgery. Nicotine in tobacco smoke disrupts the smooth flow of oxygen in the blood, resulting in an increased surgical risk as well as chances of slow healing.

    If the patient has been taking any blood thinning drugs such as aspirin as well as NSAIDs or certain herbal supplements and vitamin E, the cosmetic surgeon may require the patient to stop their use for some time. The schedule of any prescription meds may also be adjusted.


    Practical Arrangements

    If the patient has a job, they should apply for leave in advance at their workplace for about one to two weeks. Non-working patients should also be prepared that they will have to stay home for at least a week, and will need to adjust any social engagements for a later date. The patient should also arrange for someone responsible to drive them back home after the surgery. If necessary, they may arrange for aftercare for the first few days of recovery.

    To ensure a stress-free post-operative recovery period, the patient should ideally complete any urgent tasks at home or office well in advance. They may also consider preparing a recovery kit at home, which may include basic essential items needed during the early recovery phase. These will include:

    • Prescription drugs and antibiotics
    • Over the counter pain medications
    • Ice packs
    • Bandages
    • Extra pillows to keep the head raised
    • Loose fitting clothes with front buttons


    The Day before Surgery

    One day before the facelift surgery, the patient should wash their hair thoroughly to help minimize infection risk. They should refrain from consuming alcohol for at least 48 hours prior to the surgery. They should take adequate rest and sleep early on the night before the surgery.


    The Day of Surgery

    Diabetic patients should have their vital parameters checked on the morning of the surgery. The surgeon may start the antibiotic regimen prior to the procedure. The patient and their attendant should be prepared for the full day because the surgery may take about two hours, and additional hours of monitoring in the recovery area. Before the patient leaves for home, the staff will provide detailed post-op recovery instructions.

    The patient should ideally complete any urgent tasks at home or office well before the surgery so that they can have a stress-free recovery. Dedicated and caring plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and other towns and neighborhoods in this area of this magnificent state for a facelift.

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