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    What is Brow Lift Surgery?

    A brow lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to reverse the effects of aging around the brows and restore youthful looking contours to the forehead skin and eyebrows. A sagging brow will create a poor facial expression and may even restrict the vision in a few cases. The surgeon will recommend brow lift surgery to the appropriate eyes

    Patients should feel free to ask questions about brow lift during the initial consultation. Sometimes the surgeon may suggest a combination of brow lift and eyelid lift to create more natural looking results. Remarkable and prolific plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides brow lift surgery to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and surrounding communities in the amazing and sensational state of Georgia.


    Based on the amount of sagging skin and the patient’s cosmetic goals, the surgeon will recommend a suitable brow lift technique. The procedure will involve incisions of different lengths, depending on whether only brow lift is perform or whether it is combined with a forehead lift or upper eyelid lift.

    Brow lift is a proven cosmetic surgery procedure to rejuvenate the upper part face. Main benefits include:

    • Repositioning of a droopy or low brow that hangs over the upper eyelid
    • Lifting the brows to a more youthful and alert position
    • Creating the expression of a relaxed, active, more approachable and youthful person



    Women or men with the following characteristics could make good candidates for brow lift surgery:

    • Sagging brows are causing an old, tired, or grumpy look on the face
    • Conspicuous horizontal creases across the forehead make the face appear tensed
    • Deep furrows or frown lines between the brows or across the top of the nose give an unsightly look
    • Loose skin and excess fat tissue hang over the eyes



    Brow lift surgery has evolved over the years from open surgery techniques to less invasive, short incision as well as endoscopic procedures. The surgeon will usually create incisions in the hair-bearing scalp, but may sometimes have to make them in the forehead or upper eyelids.

    Open Brow Lift

    This technique involves a relatively longer incision across the forehead. The surgeon will place it within one of the creases or around the hairline. Through the incision, the surgeon will lift the skin away from the underlying tissue and reposition muscles as well as remove excess fat. Then they will excise loose skin and suture the brow into its new position.

    Endoscopic Brow Lift

    Here the surgeon will introduce an endoscope through very small incisions created in the scalp. A tiny camera attached to the endoscope will enable the surgeon to check the internal structures. More precise brow lift surgery can be performed in a less invasive way.

    Limited Incision Technique

    This procedure is non-endoscopic, but involves smaller incisions. The surgeon will raise only the external part of the brows through small incisions. Subsequent scarring will be limited and hidden in the temporal hairline.

    The focused and innovative Dr. McCluskey provides that level of personalized care and attention to every patient. Notable and caring plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and other communities and suburbs in the awesome Peach State.

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